Remittance Girl 

  My goal is not just to write hot erotica, but to write really well written, hot erotica.  I told my parents a few months ago that I was going to pursue erotica as my genre for a while.  I’d just finished my BA in creative writing, and they were asking about what I was going to do now. What project was I working on? My father was actually way more open to the prospect than my mother. She’s very supportive, in fact the woman asks me daily how much I’ve written. (She’s been waiting my whole life to see me write the great american novel.) However, I think the erotica genre sort of took some of the wind from her sails.  It might not be the thing she’s going to want to brag about to her co-workers.  Anyway, I’m completely digressing.

The point I was trying to get to before sidetracking there, is that I explained to them that I don’t write pornography.  Yes, there’s a lot of sex- kinky as hell sex, at that- but it’s not about the sex. For me, it’s about the connections, the relationships, the love and hate of every relationship.  Much like my personal life. My D/s isn’t about our bedroom play (although it’s damn hot) it’s about our marriage- how we interact. It’s how we love each other.  Saying all that gets me to my point- I want to write really well. I don’t want to just make my readers squirm with desire for the physical stuff but to yearn for the great love they read about.

To this end, I’ve been searching the internet and books for advice, to keep fresh in my mind the skills I learned in school and to pick up some new techniques.  This past week, I came across a website by remittancegirl,  who has some really great articles on writing that I’ve found very useful, and I wanted to point all my fellow erotic writers out there in her direction.

I particularly like the article on POV. One of the hardest things for me to do is express the emotions of all my characters without head-hopping.  Her article Editing Yourself: Overwriting and what to do about it talks about the over used words that can dull a story as well as ways to strengthen your sentences by using better words instead of more words.  It wasn’t a new topic for me, but we all need to be reminded of good advice.
There are a lot of great articles about writing, publishing and her own work is there as well.  So, pop over and have a look through. I’m sure you’ll find something useful. or at the very least, be entertained for an hour or so.

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