Character Limit: 2,014 (without spaces)… or if you can’t count characters, 201.4 words.

Required Words: Scrying – (I’ll be honest..I had to look this word up and I’m still not sure I used it right)
Forbidden Name: Justin Bieber- Why in the world would I mention him?! 
Extra Credit: Predict something that will happen in 2014. But don’t predict a specific person’s death — that’s bad karma.
Bonus Words: If your prediction comes true, +100 words you can tack onto a future FFF!

(exactly 241 words!) 
“It isn’t a difficult question.”

“I know,” she whispered.

“Then answer.”

“I’m trying to think of the words,” she said, shifting her bare feet on the gray shag carpeting of his study, while he sat comfortably in his leather arm chair.

“Repeat the question.”

“What do I want from our relationship?”  The air carried a chill through the room. A new trail of goose pimples formed on her arms and legs.  Her arms were growing tired.

“I’m waiting.”

“I know.”  She would be more comfortable if he would join her in her nakedness.  His expression was muddled from where she stood, but she felt his eyes on her.

“Your arms are drooping. The sooner you answer, the sooner relief will come.”

She took a deep breath, the sort that began in her diaphragm and brought a calmness to her mind.  She focused on the glass sphere in her hands, scrying into her deepest desires.   “Love.”


“A deep connection that binds our hearts, as well as our bodies. To be desired, needed, and owned.  I want to fulfill all of your dreams and wishes and wants, too.” The chair legs scraped over the floor as he stood. She kept her eyes down, and she felt his hands hold hers beneath the weight of the orb.

“Excellent.” His voice was soft, as were his hands. He relieved her of the weight she carried, cupped her chin and brushed his lips across hers.

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