A few words about
Conquer Me: girl to girl wisdom about fulfilling your submissive desires.

D/s relationships are hard work. Anyone who has been in one will agree on at least that fact. How the relationship works for each couple varies by couple; I think we can all agree on that as well.  Starting out in a D/s relationship can be scary, for both the Dom/Master/Top and submissive/slave/bottom.  The internet houses thousands of blogs and reference guides and some of the information is excellent, while other information can be vague.   So where can a submissive go to find some real information?  I suggest picking up the book Conquer Me: girl to girl wisdom about fulfilling your submissive desires written by Kacie Cunningham.

This book is easy to read and completely addictive! It is chalked full of good advice, suggestions, and information.  She doesn’t give a “how-to” on how to serve your Master/Dominant, but rather she helps guide the reader to find their own way of how to serve.  She shows us that we are not alone in our doubts, fears, and wonderment of our submissiveness.   

The idea that stuck with me the most is the chapter on “Conquer Me” feelings. There have often been times when I just wanted Him to put me in my place. I wanted to be conquered, and it’s odd that until reading this book, I could not describe that feeling well enough for Him to understand.  It was a relief to find that I was not the only submissive out there that occasionally harbored this feeling, and that having it did not make me any less of a submissive.  

“Have you ever had that feeling well up inside of you, the one that feels like you just absolutely need to be grabbed by the hair, thrust to the floor, and talked to in The Voice? You know, The Voice that makes you have shivers down your spine, and that delicious fluttering in your belly? I’ll let you fill in the rest of this little fantasy on your own, but I think you know the feeling I’m talking about. The feeling you get that feels almost like being hungry, thirsty, and really horny all at the same time. Yet it’s not a need for any of those things, exactly but a need for a Master to bury his hands in your hair, and his teeth in your flesh, and take you down, thrusting you firmly in your place, where you belong, and not let you up until it pleases him.
     That, dear reader, is “conquer me.” “(Cunningham pg. 25)
That one paragraph hit me and made me say (out loud) “Yes! That’s it exactly!” and I knew I had to read the rest of the book in an ASAP manner.     

Another idea that stuck with me, is the chapter “Power To Choose”.  I think all submissives struggle with wanting to submit and yet still finding times when they may find themselves resisting. The author does a great job of explaining this feeling and how she deals with it in her own relationship.  She explains it much better than I and in a much more interesting way.
She also goes over negotiations, safety, fantasy vs reality, and so much more that I can’t list it all here, so I suggest going out and getting yourself a copy. This is not a read once book. This is a read over and over book as you will find something new in each reading that you did not notice the first time.  I have it on my kindle, which is great because I’m constantly highlighting and making notes, so I can go back to search for what I was wanting to remember.  

If you’d like to purchase this book, and I really recommend you do, you can find it at amazon at this link. This is also a great read for the Dominant partner and makes a great gift for a birthday, commitment ceremony, or any occasion.

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