Word limit 200 words 
Required word: Borrow
Forbidden word: Forever
Here is my entry for the first week of Tom of Three Spelling Mistakes‘s first week hosting FFF.  If you’d like to join in please visit Tom’s site for rules and regulations or to simply read all of the talented entries for this week.  Enjoy! 
Something Borrowed
The afternoon light illuminated the bed where the slender slave knelt.  The blindfold hid the two men enter the room, but the scent of her Master gave him away. She smiled.
“Ah, she can always pick up my cologne.” His thick French accent aroused her.
Even after a year, his accent still thrilled her.
“She’s an obedient one.” A second voice, strong and American, said.
“Always.” Her master stated with pride. This would be hard, but he knew she would be obedient and find her own fulfillment as well.  
The bed gave to the weight of her Master kneeling behind her. She wanted desperately to feel the warmth of his skin on hers.  His large hand slid up her neck and wrapped around her hair, pulling her head back.
“My friend asked if he could borrow my toy for the afternoon.” his voice wrapped around her like a wool blanket in the winter. “Follow his commands, and I will be pleased.”
She felt more movement and a pair of rough, calloused hands envelope her jaw. Her Master relaxed his grasp as the second man moved closer. She could smell his OldSpice aftershave.  
His chapped lips covered hers and his hands moved to her throat as he deepened his hungry kiss.
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