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After her efforts to track down her missing mother nearly get her killed, twenty-seven-year-old Julie Sampson ends up on the run, hiding out in a cabin with police officer John Hamish. Though Julie is used to fending for herself, John demands her absolute obedience while she remains in his custody, and she quickly discovers that her gruff, infuriatingly sexy protector will not hesitate to strip her bare and take a leather strap to her naked bottom when she defies him.

Determined to teach Julie to submit for her own safety, John decides to treat her as his pet, and the beautiful, headstrong young woman soon finds herself sleeping in a cage, wearing nothing but a tail, and learning the hard way that her master will not hesitate to show a sassy little kitty a better use for her mouth.

But even when she is punished in ways more shameful than she would have thought possible, Julie cannot deny her body’s desperate need for John’s stern dominance. When he takes her in his arms and claims her hard and thoroughly, she is left sore, spent, and satisfied, but can she bring herself to trust that no matter what, her master will never abandon his kitten?

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