Over the weekend I read Idan written by the exceptionally talented Jane Henry.  It’s a scifi erotic romance and is book 2 of her Heroes of Avalere Series.   I have had my head in the sand apparently, and didn’t realize that until after I started reading- but- once I started I couldn’t stop.  Not even to read the series in proper order!

Don’t worry if you make the same mistake I did, it won’t change the awesomeness of the story.

Jane is definitely one of the writers that give me writers envy.  Her way with words builds the world around the reader instead of pushing the reader into the world.  Svali and Idan are wonderful together.  A delicious amount of conflict, a meaty plot, and of course the sexy spankings and erotic lovemaking make this book a must read.  Now I will have to go back and read book one.


So here’s the back cover stuff:


Living on the dark mining planet of Kleedan, I saw only a bleak future. I sold my body to the men of Avalere, but it wasn’t enough. I needed to do more. Desperate, willing to sacrifice anything to feed my mother and sister, I pretended to be one of the pure women of The Circle trained to be mated to the warriors. In so doing, I tricked the formidable Duke into marrying me. He must never learn of my deception, or my family and I are doomed.


I scorned the very idea of “love,” only agreeing to the utilitarian institution of marriage to better serve my people. I did my duty and claimed a woman, drawn to her beauty and purity. It was not long after the marriage ceremony I discovered her lie. She will pay dearly for deceiving me and learn to call me master.

Here’s where you can grab this deliciousness:



If you want to be all proper about it, here’s book one: