We really are getting down to the wire for the release of one of the sexiest Anthologies to hit Amazon (if I do say so myself!).   Here’s another sneak peak of the awesomeness you will find on Feb 10th when you purchase your copy of Black Light Valentine Roulette.

Man in suit

Chessie hasn’t had an orgasm in a really, really long time, so when her roommate talks her into joining the Roulette game at a local BDSM club, she figures it’s worth a shot. What she doesn’t expect is to be paired with the handsome Senator Kane — a man she’s all too familiar with.

Can Chessie get over her prejudice against him — and her reluctance to submit to her inner desires — to achieve the pleasure she craves at the hands of Master Kane?

Sexy Snippet

“Do you know what orgasm torture is, sweetheart?”

When she shook head, the drool started to leak from the sides of her mouth; she felt it hit her breasts. He didn’t seem to care, he kept talking, kept stroking between her legs, little touches that didn’t quite hit her clit, driving her mad.

“I tie you down and make you orgasm so much you’ll beg me to stop. And you know what I’ll do then?”

She was almost afraid to shake her head. He leaned so close, his lips must have been touching the hood.

“I won’t stop.”

Lee Savino’s website: www.leesavino.com


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