It’s Saturday Spankings and is there any better way to start the weekend? If there is I don’t know it… well…actually…  Never mind, that’s an entirely different blog hop!  So, here we go, my #SatSpanks entry.  Protecting His Pet


“And you’ll just turn the other cheek? Won’t breathe a word of the last twelve hours to anyone?” His grip softened in her hair, but not enough to twist away from him.

“Right. That’s right. I won’t say a word. Not about you breaking in, or… or… what you just did.” Her lips dried at her quick breathing.

The edges of his mouth curled up, a deep crevice outlined his grin. “What did I just do?” Was he taunting her? Laughing at her?

“You know what you did.” Her ass still throbbed from the lashing.

“Tell me.” He whispered his command, but it held all the authority of any other demand he’d made. “The fantasy of a spanking is a hell of a lot better than the reality, isn’t it? At least when you’re getting it for being a naughty girl.”

“I hate you.” She closed her eyes and when she opened them, his frown was back.

“It’s probably best you do. Now do what I said. Tell me what I did.”

“Fuck you.” She tried to pull away, but as was rapidly becoming customary, her struggles had no impact.

“Maybe at our next stop. Not now though. You haven’t earned it.” His words struck her and her eyes flew open, searching his face. The damn grin was back.

Back Cover Stuff

After her brother’s life of crime is brought to a sudden end, twenty-two-year-old Kara Jennings fears she may be the next target of the men who killed him. It comes as a shock, however, when she is taken captive by a mysterious man who promises to keep her safe but quickly demonstrates that he will not hesitate to punish her in any way he sees fit if she disobeys him.

Devin Stinger is certain there is something important that Kara is refusing to share with him—something related to her brother’s death—and he is fully prepared to be as firm as necessary to get her to tell him the truth, even if that means stripping her bare, spanking her hard and thoroughly, and keeping her caged like a pet.

Despite her shame at being made to kneel naked at her captor’s feet, eat from his hand, and surrender her body to him completely, Devin’s dominance leaves Kara helplessly aroused and yearning for him to master her even more thoroughly. When he brings her to the edge of an intense climax only to leave her desperate and wanting, her need for him to claim her properly compels Kara to confess the secret her brother shared with her before his death. But will that information help Devin protect his beautiful pet or will it ultimately put her in greater danger?

Publisher’s Note: Protecting His Pet includes spankings, sexual scenes, extensive pet play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



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