Every year hubby and I try to make it to at least one kink event. It gives us time to fully emerge ourselves in our lifestyle without outside disruptions.  Our go-to event, Twisted Tryst, is only having one even this year instead of two- and of course we typically go to the second one.  So, now here I am scrambling to find something else for us, because it’s extremely doubtful that we’ll get the lodgings we want at the Tryst event this year.

Our second go-to is usually Kinky Kollege which is right here in Chicago, so that’s been awesome. Except, every time we’ve gone, hubby has had some sort of allergic reaction to the play space by day two.  We have no idea what it is, the cleanser for the equipment, too  many perfumes mingling together- who knows, but by the second day he’s so stuffed and miserable we haven’t been able to play in the dungeon. Which is a big part of why we go to these events.  So that’s out.

There are a ton of awesome looking events in Texas- which is too far away for a weekend trip (so says the hubby). So you can bet the awesome one’s in Maryland is out, too.  It’s looking pretty bleak.

But why so much angst about getting to these events?  A few reasons.

One, the people.  Hubby is an introvert (even if he won’t completely admit to that) so we don’t really get out into the community all that much- and I crave some sort of connection with other couples like us. Thank the heavens for Facebook and Fetlife!

At these events I can talk face to face with other people and ask questions and get feed back, and be with other submissives.  I can serve my husband without getting weird looks because I went and got his plate of food before I got mine, or when I ask him if he’d like another drink when I see his cup is near empty.  And, he can correct me, or love me, or play with me whenever and wherever he wants without fear of someone being offended or calling the police.

Second, the classes.  Yes, education is a HUGE part of BDSM.  I may be submissive, but I’m still responsible for  my safety. And my husband has the same responsibility. It’s all well and good to read the many books on BDSM and the different play activities, but to see it first hand and have someone with experience there to help you learn makes the process that much faster and safer.  Classes span the spectrum from sexual practices to relationships. Just because someone takes a solid beating from their partner, doesn’t necessarily mean that submission carries over to the relationship. But when it does, these classes are extremely helpful.

And of course, PLAY TIME!  The nearest dungeon to us is about an hour’s drive, so it’s pretty rare that I can get the hubby to agree to go to one. So these events are a lot of fun because we get to play a lot more than normal and whenever the mood strikes- (at least at tryst).

So my search continues to find an event not too far away, and during a time where we can get there.  Of course I’ll keep you updated, and if you know of one be sure to let me know!