Protected is the first book of my new series. Kara’s brother not only gets himself messed up with the wrong men, he gets himself killed. Leaving her in danger. Devin wants to know what she’s hiding, and claims he’s trying to protect her. But how can he protect her from the darkness inside herself?

A thick finger slid lower still, through her folds that were wet beyond her will, and toyed with the rim of her entrance. She fought back the moan burning her throat, and censured her body for moving, arching toward his touch.

“Stop.” She tried to pull free, to move away from his touch, but his hand was as good as trapped in her jeans. “Don’t.” His finger only became more insistent, bending at the knuckle and sliding inside of her. Years had passed since the last time a man touched her in such a way.

“Fuck, you’re tight.” He pulled her closer to him, pressing her body against his. The hard length of his cock pressed through his jeans against her hip, and for a brief moment she hoped he’d replace his finger with it. What the hell was wrong with her? “And wet as hell.” He muttered against her ear. His lips trailed her earlobe as he spoke.

His finger moved within her and the heal of his palm ground into her clit. Her body pulled away from her mind, reveling in the sensations. The pleasure of feeling full, and touched, and pleasured. “Please.” She whispered, finally finding her sense. She couldn’t like what he was doing. It was wrong.

“Please more? Please let you come?” Her clit swelled beneath the administrations of his hand. The pressure increased against her clit, his finger picked up the pace, and his heated breath playing against her ear drove her closer to an edge she did not want, but needed all the same. “Tell me where you were headed, and I’ll let you come. You’ll come so hard, you’ll forget what you were fighting against to begin with.” More pressure, faster thrusts.

Her knees buckled. She leaned forward, into his chest, using him to hold her upright. If he kept it up, she’d embarrass herself by coming all over his fingers. Could she do it quietly, maybe slip it past him. She’d get what she wanted, and he’d be left in the cold.

“Tell me, Peaches, or this gets a lot less pleasurable.” He nipped her earlobe, sending more electric currents down her body. Damn him. “For you anyway.”


A very large THANK YOU to Meredith for hosting WipItUPWednesday! You are an angel for putting this together for everyone! Now readers can hop to the next on the list and enjoy even sexier snippets from other authors. 

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