It’s almost time for me to shed my lazy house clothes and don something a tiny bit more fancy and head to the neighbors to ring in the new year. And  while I have a few minutes, I thought why not look over 2016 with some rose tinted glasses and make a plan for 2017.

In 2016 my entire Windy City Series was published with Blushing Books. That’s four books! As well as a New Years Eve Novella- which should be out in the box set pretty soon.

I’ve made a lot of friends this past year, and will hopefully be meeting most of them in person in 2017 when I attend Romance Times Conference in May.

I’ve read so many books this year it  makes me dizzy. I can’t even list them all for you, but I’ll put some of the covers at the bottom of this post, so you can go grab whatever looks interesting.

I think the highlight for 2016 as far as writing goes, was Liberated Heart .  Bradley is by far my favorite Dom that I published this year. Writing him was a little challenging because I wanted him to be sterner than the others in the series, but he was dealing with a more gentle submissive. Erin brought her own difficulties because she was so gentle, but craved such harshness.  In the end they found what they were both looking for, and I was very pleased with their progress.  Along with writing Liberated Heart, being able to have Derrick Pierce on the cover really made this book my favorite of the year.

As for 2017, I’m not usually one to make resolutions, but I do have a few goals for the year.

I currently have one novel in editing with Stormy Nights that will be published in the first few months of the year. My first Dark BDSM Romance.  It’s the first in a 3 book series, so my goal is to get all three out on virtual shelves within the year.

I also have a novella coming out that’s included in a box set with some AWESOME writers this February. I’ll post more on that next week.  But my goal here is to write a full length to go along with  my novella.

Which brings me to another project I have in my head. In Until You, a novella I wrote for Blushing Books New Years Eve box set we met Carissa and Jamison. I have a whole full length planned out to tell their story, and it will be my first Daddy Dom story. I’m both excited to get started and terrified of it as well.

And in between those projects, I want to get my blog spiffed up.  I’d like to post more stories for my readers, more articles on writing and the lifestyle as well- so if there’s there anything you want to know more about or just something you wanted to ask go for it and I’ll build a post.  Next week I have a post planned about publishing Self vs Traditional.

That about wraps it up I think. Before I head off to over-eat stuffed mushrooms, chili bites, and more dips than any human should consume in one night, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to my readers for picking up my books and taking a look.  I was completely new to the publishing world this year and you’ve really given me a chance and helped me find my home in Erotic Romance.  THANK YOU for that.

Thank you to Jane Henry who was more than a little helpful when I was getting ready to submit Liberated Heart for publishing. Her advice and suggestions really made a difference. She’s super busy so any moment she spent on my work was a moment taken away from hers. So THANK YOU for that.

Thank you to Derrick Pierce for agreeing to be on my cover. He is so much more than an adult entertainer. He’s a fitness guru, a producer, a writer and so much more.  He had no reason to agree to put his image on a niche romance novel, and it thrilled me that he did. So, THANK YOU.

Thank you to all the author’s that have hosted me on their blogs this year.  Jennifer Bene, Amelia Smarts, Jane Henry and Maisy Archer, Felicity Brandon, PK Corey, Abbie Adams, Summer Graystone… and many more that I’m sure I’m leaving out. Thank you!

Thank you to the blogs Wip it Up Wednesday and Saturday Spankings. Without bloghops like these, it would be that much harder to get our works out there for the masses.  It’s a ton of work to put those together every week, and I’m forever grateful that you do it.

Now: here’s the book covers for just some of the books I’ve enjoyed this year.



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