Today I’m sharing a tiny bit of Hunted Book two in a series that hasn’t come out yet!  Protected should be out sometime early 2017.

He works in the missing persons division in the Chicago PD. Addison isn’t so much missing as she is running. But when he catches her, can he protect her from the people who are hunting her?


“You’re sorry that you’re in trouble, not that you did what you did. You don’t think you did anything wrong.” He shook his head. Steven had always taken her apology.

She didn’t know what to say to that.

“I’m going to make you understand that I mean what I say. Any disobedience will be dealt with, and not easily. I’m not causal. I don’t take this lightly.”

“Trevor.” She sighed. She’d just gone for fucking donuts!

“You knew I’d say no. You knew there are crazy fuckers out searching for you, and you just decided to go off and get donuts. You knew all of this and did it anyway. You had no regard for your own safety or my authority. You’re ass is mine until this is all over with, and that means when you act out, you get your ass blistered.” He leaned back, unbuckling his belt and slowly pulling it from the loops.

She watched as the thick, black leather freed from his jeans and was looped in his hand. “Now. Get up, and get over my lap. You can hold the bed, or my leg, you can cry and scream if you want, but you are not to kick or try to get up until I’m done. And when I’m done, you’ll go right back in that corner until I say.”

Addison moved back to her feet, noticing he had no intention to help her, and moved to his right side. Steven had always pulled her over his lap. It was easier that way. This offering herself to him, it was worse. Way worse.

“I told you. I’m not interested in taking what isn’t offered. Lay over my lap and accept your spanking.” He watched her closely. The tension had eased in his jaw, and he was in complete control. Even if her own emotions were in turmoil trying to find a safe place to hide, he was all confidence.

She lowered her arms and managed to get over his lap without making too much of a fool of herself. Had she really signed up for this?

“Trevor. Wait.” She didn’t rise, but he didn’t make any move to begin either. “You don’t have to do this. I mean, I know what we said last night. But I’m not going to hold you to it, I mean, we don’t even really know each other. So we had sex, no big deal. You aren’t responsible for me, I mean I’m not yours, not really, so we don’t have to do this.”
When he didn’t speak she thought he was considering it, but when his hand made contact with her bare ass she knew otherwise.

“We’ll talk about last night later. Right now we are addressing this morning.” Another hard swat to the other cheek.


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