For this this #WipitupWednesday I’m sharing a WIP that’s completely raw.  So raw, it’s not even first draft worthy yet- but it will be soon. *singing* Just keep writing, just keep writing.- Sorry, saw Finding Dory this past week- okay back on track.


“Such a naughty girl.” Dane shook his head, pulling out the marker again. “Stand still.” He ordered and dragged the tip of the marker over her skin, right below her breasts. “N.A.U.G.H.T.Y” He announced each letter as he wrote over her ribcage.

“I am not.”

He gave her a heated look. “Should I add Liar?”

Riley sucked her lower lip into her mouth and shook her head.

“Admit it to me then, admit that you’ve been a naughty girl.” He’d never get tired of the blush on her face, or her neck, or how it was starting to creep down over her chest.

The corner of her bottom lip disappeared into her mouth while she mulled it over. She’d had the same expression while studying late into the night for the Bar exam. Her hair had been longer then, tied up in a messy bun on top her head, two pencils (always two) lodged into the concoction, and a cup of tea nearby.

“I was a naughty girl.” The whispered confession barely made it to his ears.

“What was that?” he stepped back and cupped his ear.

She huffed, but complied just the same. “I was a naughty girl!” She nearly yelled, maybe to spite him, maybe because of the burst of energy from the humility she was experiencing. Whatever the reason, a few more people stopped to look over at them.

“I know you were, says so right here.” He scratched two fingernails over the word, delighting in the tautness of her stomach, and the shiver running over her muscles. The surprised yelp amplified his pleasure.

Coming up next month is NaNoWriMo-  National Novel Writing Month, which I love participating in every year. Last year I started Indebted Heart during NaNoWriMo and this year I’m going to be starting Book 2 in a dark series I’m working on. So there will be lots of new snippets all throughout the month.

In the meantime, satisfy your hunger for some awesome writing by stopping by all the participants this week!

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