We are just a few days away from the release of Liberated Heart, and I’m nervous, excited, and totally impatient about it!  And of course it’s Spanking Saturday- one of the best days of the week- you know, because of all the spankings going on.  Here’s another little snippet from Liberated Heart due out October 18th!




“Your clothes.”  Bradley unclipped the leash and placed it on the table in the foyer. When he turned back to her, she had already removed her blouse, and was working on unbuttoning her jeans. With great pleasure, he eyed her pushing the jeans over her rounded hips and down her thighs, letting them pool at her feet before she stepped out of them, using one foot to hold the fabric while pulling the other free.  He found the action more adorable than sexy, but sexy all the same. “Fold them, and place them next to your leash.”  She nodded and went about obeying him. The nerves she’d displayed in the car vanished.

He could make out several dark, red marks on her breasts from where he scratched her earlier, and the flesh above her pussy still held the deep blush of his flogger.  He stepped to her, running his finger down one scratch mark and then the next. “Do these still hurt?”


“What?” His eyes snapped to hers. “You are naked, in my home, and at my service.” He reminded her.  “Do you want to answer again?”

“Yes, sir.”  A blush crept up her neck and covered her face. Had she blushed so beautifully in the dungeon? He would need better lighting in there if that was the case.

“Do these still hurt?”

“No, Sir.” She shook her head. Her fingers twitched at her sides.

“Is your pussy sensitive from the beating I gave it? How about your clit, from the two orgasms you had?” Her eyes widened at his questions. Switching gears on her threw her off balance, but also didn’t give her time to worry about what was coming.

You’ll have wait to see what happens  next, but I promise you’ll love it. Erin sure as hell did!  Now hop over to all the great spanks today, and make sure you say hi- I love hearing from my readers.