It’s Saturday which means a few different things. 1) I did not have to get up to go to my day job!! Whoot!  2) It is #SatSpanks!  and 3) I’m debuting the cover for Liberated Heart (yes it’s below…don’t cheat and scroll!)

Before I show you the cover, I want to just take a second to tell you who the guy on the cover is.  His name is Derrick Pierce and he’s an adult entertainer (yes, my favorite one) . I am thrilled that he’s given me permission to use his image on the cover. I will go more into the why’s of that in Monday’s post. He has launched a new website so be sure to check it out.

Okay, so here’s the blurb for Liberated Heart:

Erin’s life has crumbled. Not only has her fiancé run off with another woman, she realizes their entire relationship was a joke. After some soul-searching, and Googling, she jumps head first into a world that only existed in her darkest fantasies.

Bradley Sorenson has come to terms that he will never have a lasting relationship with a submissive.  After all, no woman could see to his darker needs in the playroom and continue his brand of power exchange outside of it.  But when Erin shows up at his BDSM club, looking for answers to questions he’s sure she doesn’t even understand, his resolve begins to weaken.

Bradley opens the door to this new world and escorts Erin inside, promising to show her everything she wants to see and more. But just as she begins to find contentment in her true self, she receives a letter that starts a chain of blackmail that could ultimately end her new relationship. Between the blackmail and her new self-awareness, Erin must fight the urge to creep back into the cage she’s so used to hiding in, and work to liberate her heart.

And here’s the cover:



It’s #SatSpanks so it wouldn’t do to not have a spanking excerpt.  A little warning- Bradley’s a hair puller, he loves to drag her around by her soft curls.


            “I can’t promise that.” She tried to pull away from his hands when he gripped her chin tighter.

            “I see.” He let her go then stood. “Well, maybe if I show you what will happen if you disobey me, you’ll work a little harder to be sure you listen.” He put his hands in her hair and pulled her to her feet.

            “Bradley!” She tried to swat his hand away, but he wouldn’t be deterred. He pulled her to the kitchen stools, kicked one out away from the counter and pushed her down on one.

            “Grab the legs.” He ordered and gave her head a little shake when she didn’t immediately obey.  Once her hands were wrapped around the legs, he pulled her skirt up over her back. “Thongs?” He slid one finger beneath the strap nestled between her cheeks. “Well that makes this a little easier.”

            Erin braced herself for what she knew was coming, for what she thought she knew was coming.  She hadn’t expected what came next.  His hand came down. Hard. No light touches, no warm up smacks, just forceful slaps that kept coming.  She screamed and fought, bucking up against him. His only response was to place a firm hand between her shoulder blades to keep her down as he continued to wail on her unsuspecting ass. Where the hell was the warm up?  When her feet slid out beneath her, he paused only long enough to put her back in place, pushing her ass even higher in the air.

Liberated Heart is due to release on October 18, only 10 days away!!  Now this is a blog hop, which means you get to hop all over the internet for some really cool, really hot excerpts today.  Make sure you stop and say hi!








A woman given up on love, second guesses her solitary life when meeting a man who won’t take no for an answer and opens her eyes to an entire world of pleasure she didn’t know existed before him.



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