Liberated Heart is slotted for release on October 18th! And I can not wait to show you the cover…once…you know…I stop staring at it and am willing to share.  In the meantime, here’s  a little snippet of Bradley and Erin’s story.


“You look upset.” He smiled at her when he broke off their kiss.  A kiss that only fanned the flames of desire he’d set with that damn flogger.  Any fear she harbored for the implement when he made his intentions known about flogging her front side, evaporated the moment the heavy falls struck her body. Electrifying tingles cascaded through her body with each blow; the heavier the hit, the deeper she fell.

“I wanted to come,” She looked down at his hand that still held the little vibrator,surprised such a small toy could pack such a strong punch.

He laughed. “Of course you did, but I didn’t want you to, and that’s what matters right now, isn’t it?” The vibrator showed up in front of her eyes, then disappeared as he lowered it a fraction to press against her lips. “Do you smell yourself?  You made my toy all wet with your pussy juice. Clean it.” Before she could accept or argue, the bullet shaped vibe was pushed into her mouth. “There’s a good girl.”

She watched his face as he continued to shove the phallus into her mouth, then pull it out

and repeat the action. His eyes were glued to her mouth, while his own lips were softly curved. He loved torturing her, and damn if she didn’t love letting him. The vibe went too far back and she gagged, trying to pull back.

“Again.” He held the vibe in place. “Go on, take the whole fucking thing into your mouth. Practice on this for when you take my cock, because it’s going all the way in the next time I let your wrap those pouty little lips around me.”

She took a deep breath and pushed herself forward as he pushed the vibe back into her mouth. When the silicone head touched the back of her throat, she gagged again and tried to pull away, but he slapped her breasts. “No, try harder.” He ordered.  She started pushing forward again and managed to keep the gag at bay. “There you go, good girl.” He yanked it out of her mouth and took a step back.

Erin gulped in the air of the room. She could feel moisture beading on her forehead. Had he turned on the heat? “Don’t I get a reward, sir?” She teased, surprised by her own bravery.

“No, it’s going to take a bit more than sucking a vibrator to get your orgasm.” He tapped the side of her cheek with the vibe before tossing it onto the bed. She watched it fly away from her with a heavy heart. He laughed and kissed her cheek. “Don’t worry, pet, you’ll get your orgasm.”


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