This week for #WipItUpWednesday I chose some nipple play from Liberated Heart.  Erin is new to all BDSM play, but she loves it rough, and Bradley is just the guy to show her that. She’s learning all sorts of new things about herself thanks to his lead.  In this little snippet, he’s put some run of the mill nipple clamps on her nipples  (is there really such a thing?). But as we all know, they can’t stay on forever.  Being the delicious sadist that he is, he’s going to let her decide which pain she wants more..well… I’ll let you see for yourself…..


“If I yank these off, it will hurt a lot.  Or I can unclasp them. That will hurt, too.” He kissed her lips then licked the corner of her mouth. “Which way do you prefer?”

She squealed but didn’t answer, only shook her head. “Answer me.” He demanded, digging his nails into her ass again.

“I don’t know!” She practically yelled. A quiver ran through her words. “Which would please you more?” She turned her eyes back on him, tears began to build, and he couldn’t tell if they were from the discomfort in her breasts or the uncertainty of her answer.

“Fuck.” He growled. “Erin. Everything about you pleases me.”  It was the truth. She hadn’t done a single thing that didn’t make his dick want her, or make his mind wander to her. “But I want you to answer this one. I want to know which you want.” He released her ass and moved further around her to face her, keeping the chain in his hand. The decision was tearing her a part. If she would only decide, it would be over for her, but her indecision was prolonging the discomfort.

“Either way hurts, one is quick and intense the other slow and achy. Decide Erin.  I want your decision.” He tugged a little harder. “Or maybe I’ll make you do it?”

“Yank them!” She answered after his threat.

“Ah, why? Because you think it’s what I want or because you want it over with?”

“The intensity. I want the intensity.” If he thought he couldn’t get more pleased with her, he was wrong.  He couldn’t help but groan his pleasure.

“Should I count?” He teased. “Look down, Pet. Keep your eyes on your tits. Watch me pull these off.” She took a few calming breaths and tilted her head down, tucking her lower lip into her mouth, her muscles tensed in anticipation. “Don’t you dare look away.”

He twirled the chain around his middle finger, getting a stronger grasp on it.  Her lip completely disappeared into her mouth. He waited another moment, when she began to settle into the reality of what was to happen. Her shoulders lowered; the muscle in the side of her neck softened. With one quick pull, both clamps popped off, and she yelled out with little regard to any audience there might have been. Lucky for her, his neighbors were far enough away that she could scream her heart out and they wouldn’t hear her.

“Intense enough?”


Liberated Heart is book 4 in the Windy City Series and is slotted for release October 18th! I’m really excited, Bradley has replaced Kendrick as my favorite Dom that I’ve written, although Devin is started to gain on him. You’ll meet Devin in Protected, sometime in the next few months; he’s being polished in Beta reading right now.   

In the meantime, make sure to stop at all the great posts this WipItUpWednesday and make sure to leave a comment. I can’t tell you how much it means to us writers to hear from our readers. And don’t forget to stop by on Saturday for #SatSpanks… I may just put up a sneak peak at the devilish Devin I mentioned!  




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