Devin is really a SOB, but I’m loving getting to know him. I’m not sure I’d last as long as Kara is under his thumb, but she’s made of tougher stuff than me.  Anyway, here’s a tidbit to enjoy. Kara’s failed attempt to mane her captor and escape has left her in for a serious punishment, but first he’s going to be nice enough to let her shower…his way. Enjoy!


“Time to get cleaned up.” He stopped her when she tried to straighten out the blanket. “Take that off, and leave it here. It’s to cover you when you sleep not cover you from my eyes. You use it as a dress again, and I’ll take it away.”

Hot eyes shot at him, but she didn’t argue. She peeled away the fleece blanket and dropped it on top of the pillow. When she started to walk toward him empty handed, he stopped her again and pointed to the bucket. “I’m not your chamber maid.”

She picked up the bucket and walked toward him, a glint in her eye that suggested what she was thinking. Lucky for her she thought better once her eyes lifted to his face. That would be the worst thing she could do at that moment. If so much as a drop hit him, he’d take her over to the bench and strap her down, not letting her up until she’d tasted every last implement he had in the place. She must have seen the warning in his expression, because she carefully carried the bucket past him and headed toward the stairs.

“Wait.” She paused with one foot on the first step and looked back at him. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a rope with a collar already attached.

“Devin. No.” She tried to step away but there wasn’t anywhere for her to go. He slipped the adjustable collar around her neck and tightened it. Running a quick finger along the inside of the leather piece, grazing her neck, to be sure there was enough room, he gave her a nod.

“Can’t really trust you, now can I?” he stepped around her and gave the rope a little tug to get her moving.

He pulled her along through the kitchen, and out the back door. Five steps down from the porch and they were standing in the wooded back yard. He planned to clear some of the area away to make for a bbq pit area, but nothing had begun back there yet.
Tugging on the leash, he brought her to a tree a few hundred yards from the house. “Dump it here.” He pointed to the ground.

Her cheeks reddened, her hands shook a bit, but she managed to tip the bucket over and empty the contents into the grass.

“I’d be good if I were you or lose the privilege of having the bucket. Be a shame if you had to be walked out here to take a leak every time, right?” He didn’t see her reaction to that threat, because he’d gotten busy tying the end of the rope to a thick branch over head.
Satisfied the knot would hold against any resistance she might give, he turned back to her, wiping his hands on his jeans. He grabbed her wrists before she could think to pull away and used the clasps on the leather rings to hook her onto the rope. She looked miserable. Her hair was tangled a bit in the back, giving it a poofed up appearance, maybe she had slept. And fitfully so. Well, good. He checked the tensions again, making sure she wouldn’t get herself hung when she struggled to stay still, then clapped his hands together.

“Time for your shower.” He grinned and started to head back toward the house.

“Here?” She called to him, but he didn’t bother to respond. He’d just tied her to a fucking tree, where did she think she was having it?

It was pretty warm for a fall day, which was good- for her.

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open when he headed back toward her carrying the hose in one hand and bucket in the other. “No. No. Not a hose.” Funny how she thought she had the right to demand anything from him at that moment. After she’d sliced him. After she’d spit at him. After she’d fought and clawed at him. Between the two of them, she had been the most violent.

“Oh, yes, the hose. That’s how I wash my pets, Peaches.” Her intake of breath at how he referred to her wasn’t lost on him. Such a little sound really. Most men wouldn’t even notice it, but not Devin. No, he not only noticed it, he basked in those little sounds. The hums, the shocked gasps, the painful cries, the soft murmurs of pleasure, all if it bathed him in his own pleasure.

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