Last week Blushing Books re-released Books 1 and 2 in my windy city series, along with book 3, so I thought I’d showcase a little bit from Book 2, Secured Heart.  Kendrick is one of my favorite Doms I’ve written, falling to 2nd place after Bradley. (You’ll meet him in book 4- a sadistic bastard with a huge heart)  But until then, enjoy Kendrick.


“You should have called me right away. Ted is dangerous.” He took two large strides toward her until he stood toe-to-toe with her.

“He’s an asshole. If I call you every time I bump into an asshole in this city, I’ll have to upgrade my cell package.” Her eyes softened, her hands fell to her sides, and she looked damn kissable. She had a point. She was bound to cross paths with Ted or any other number of douchebags in the city on a daily basis.

The idea of Ted or any of them hurting her, even with words, made the hairs on his neck stiffen in anger. He wanted to protect her, to veil her from any injury she may ever face from the outside world.

“Okay.” He conceded with a smile. “Then let’s just focus on one asshole. If you see Ted, you aren’t to speak with him. Even if he speaks to you, you just walk away and call me. Right away. Not later in the day or even fifteen minutes later. Right away.” His hands traveled down her arms as he spoke.

“Fair enough.” She nodded in agreement. “I can’t promise not to speak to him—”

He pressed his finger to her lips, silencing her. “I didn’t ask for your promise,” he corrected in a deeper tone, hoping she grasped the severity of his words. “I told you not to speak with him. You will do as I say in this, or you will be punished.”

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