This week’s blurb is from Windy City Book #3 , Indebted heart.

Alyssa grew up watching her mother work over man after man in order to pay her bills. She’s all grown up now, though, and completely independent, which sometimes gets in the way of being able to fully submit to a man- even when she wants to.   Alex isn’t like most men, though. He’s not quick to try and get into her pants and he doesn’t want to dominate her every thought. Coupled with the fact that he seems to really care about her, she tried even harder to fully submit to his will.  But her past isn’t completely buried, and an old flame wants to rekindle the fire.  Alex, never having had a successful D/s relationship, finds a few of his own insecurities to over analyze. The two will have to decide if they are in this together or if they should just go their separate ways.

These 8(okay 9) sentences are from Alyssa’s first discipline spanking. She’s going to learn pretty quickly not to yell at him in dismissal and stomp off into the bathroom.




She kept her eyes averted from him as she obeyed, folding her hands behind her.  His warm fingers ran up her leg starting from her knee and trailing up her inner thigh until he reached her betraying wetness.  She knew it was punishment, she knew he was upset with her, and she did feel remorseful for having put them in their current position, but his dominance was fucking hot. No matter how he sliced it, it was hot to have him so domineering, so in control, so focused on the matter at hand and not just trying to get her naked and in bed.

“You’re already wet.” He didn’t smile with the comment, but did look up at her. His eyes remained focused, and his jaw was still tense. “That’s really too bad. There won’t be any satisfaction for you tonight.” Before she responded, he flipped her onto her stomach. He had adjusted himself on the bed so that she landed over his lap.


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