Instead of writing a sexy story involving books. I thought I’d instead pass along some of the books I’ve read that I love and want to spread the word about.

So here, in no particular order, are some of my favorite Erotic Romance Books.

Product Details  Master’s Unleashed Series by Sparrow Beckett.  This series is extremely realistic and very HOT.  I love BDSM romances that are realistic in their dynamics. Their voice is fresh and hooks you in, it’s almost as though they are telling you the story while sitting right next to you. Love these books. I pre-ordered To Have and To Master, and I rarely do that. (I got really giddy when it showed up on my kindle!)   I can’t wait to read what this duo comes out with next!

Product DetailsReally anything by Natasha Knight is a great pick, but Deviant is one of my favorites.  Her dark erotic romances knock the wind out of me every time. Her characters are HOT, the plots are addicting, and no matter how much you want to hate the hero, you won’t/can’t.  Love her books. – and they are free right now on Kindle Unlimited- and they are on audiobook!

  Passion Series by Livia Grant.  Chalked full of  hot sex scenes, domestic discipline, spanking and all sorts of other deviously scorching punishments, this series has something for everyone!

 Decadence After Dark series by M. Never. I read this series every second I got. While reports printed at work, I read on my phone. Waiting in line for my coffee, time to read. Any spare second I had, I had  my nose in this series. Very well written. Sizzling sex scenes coupled with hot characters who pull you in and make you want to get to know every corner of their history.


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