Pushing the back door open, I sighed with relief.  After spending nine hours rooming patients, taking blood pressures and chasing an errant doctor around clinic all day, I was home.

I dropped my purse and keys on the kitchen counter and kicked the door shut. Removing my coat, I flipped on the lights and hung it up on the rack. That’s when it came into my view. My vibrator laid on the kitchen table as though it were a centerpiece.

Shit!  I thought I had hidden it pretty well, in a box beneath my bed. What reason would Craig have for going in there. The lights in the rest of the house weren’t on, and his car wasn’t in the drive way. He must have found it before leaving for work in the morning. Had it been sitting there all day? What if my mom had stopped by to drop off dinner. She did that sometimes when she knew I was working late.

My cell dinged, signalling a text from Craig.  With a lump in my throat, I dug out my phone from my purse and swiped the screen.

I’m upstairs. Cum up.

I smiled at the phone for a millisecond, before realizing he probably wasn’t just being cute.

Another ding.  Bring ur toy with.


I swiped the vibrator from the table and made sure the back door was locked before heading up to our bedroom.

Craig worked the morning shift at the fire house in town.  There had been all of three fires in the six years we’ve been married, but he went to work every morning with the full intention of putting all of his focus into his job.  He didn’t just sit around the firehouse cooking chili either, he worked out most of the morning. Honing and toning his muscles to stay strong and fit for when he needed to put all of those muscles to work.

When I entered the bedroom, I found him stretched out on the bed. His long legs outstretched. One arm casually folded behind his head on the pillow and the other resting on his taught abdomen. The man was naked. And gloriously so.  Even after seeing him in the buff daily for nearly a decade, the man still took my breath away.

My eyes went straight to his cock. Long and thick even when soft, laying against his thigh. “Hi.” I managed to squeak out a greeting.  When I finally looked up at his face, I hoped to see lust, but instead I saw irritation. A stern set of hazel eyes focused on me. His chiseled jaw clenched.

I wasn’t foolish enough to think he’d been laying there for me to come home and ravish him.  He wouldn’t have left the evidence of my disobedience where I could plainly see it when I got home if he wanted to fool around.

“Craig. I’m sorry.” Best to start with a pre-emptive apology.

“Oh? For what?” His hand casually moved to his cock, picking it up in his hand and stroking it. “For disobeying my rules about your toys?”

My eyes wouldn’t move from his hand. “I’m sorry.” I whispered again, gripping my vibrator harder.

“Where are your toys supposed to be?” His cock began to harden and lengthen beneath his touch. My tongue lashed out against my bottom lip.

“In your nightstand drawer.”

“And why is that?” His middle finger arched over the head of his dick, capturing a small bead of moisture. I wanted that salty dollop on my tongue.

“Because they are only to be used when you are home to enjoy me using them.” I whispered the rule. The one rule I hated, because it took all of the control away from me. Sure I could use my fingers if I really wanted to play with myself, but the vibe always made it go quicker, and if I was playing with myself it was really just the release I was after.

“Tell me how it ended up under the bed.” His stomach muscles tightened as he gripped his cock harder.  It took a lot of control not to jump on the bed and push his dick into my mouth. He knew how much I loved sucking him off, feeling his hardness run along my tongue and down my throat.

“I snatched it from your drawer while you were in the shower on Sunday night and hid it away. But I haven’t used it!” I quickly added that bit of information, hoping it would be my saving grace. I really should have known better.

“Hm, that doesn’t really make it better. It’s Tuesday after all, so you really haven’t had time. I leave for work after you, and have been home before you both nights.” He continued pumping his cock in his hand throughout the entire conversation.

When I started dating Craig, I was the envy of the town. Every single girl glared at me as we walked down the streets, but if they only knew the torture of having this man laying there stroking his cock while questioning my behavior, I think they’d turn a much lighter shade of green.

“Come here.” I put the vibrator on the bed, and stood next to him, still watching his hand. He let go of his cock and cupped his hand in front of me. “Spit.” He ordered.  I pouted, but did as he said. Leaning over, I let a dribble of my spit drop into his hand. The hand that went back to his cock, stroking it now with my saliva as his lubrication. “That’s as close to my cock you’re going to get. Strip down and kneel at the foot of the bed.” He moved his legs to give me more room.

I wanted to growl, stomp my foot, protest that he was being cruel, but I knew that would only result in much more punishment. I peeled off my scrubs and discarded them on the floor before unclasping my bra and rolling down my panties. The bed creaked a little when I took my position, but other than that the room was silent.

He kept his eyes on me, as he pumped his cock, harder and a little faster.  My nails dug into my thighs, my pussy clenched at watching his thick shaft move beneath his hand.  Again he held out his hand for me to spit into.

It was hell watching him.  His stomach tensed, his thighs hardened and he started to let out soft moans the harder he tugged on his cock. I tried to look away. “Eyes back on me. You will watch me. And know that you could be bouncing on this cock. You could have your tight little pussy wrapped around it if you had simply obeyed the rules. But you didn’t, so now you kneel there, with your pussy dripping with need and not getting any of it. You’ll watch me jerk off and come, but you won’t get to touch any of it.”

His little tirade worked him up as much as me, but he at least had a hand on his cock. I knelt feeling the juices from my cunt start to drip on to the bed.  I needed him to fill me, to fuck me- or at least touch me.

“Craig, I’m really sorry!” I begged. I sucked in my lower lip, imagining it was his dick passing over my lips.

“Fuck.” He growled and pumped his hand faster.

“Please. Please let me.”

“Keep begging.” He closed his eyes, his balls tightened.

“Please, Craig. Let me suck your dick, let me swallow your come, please?” I begged, knowing I was drawing him nearer to his release even though I was far from getting my own.

“Aggh. Fuck!” He jerked his hand, his body twitched just before his cock unleashed a stream of his hot come. It landed on his thigh, his hand, and his stomach as he slowed his rythym until only a small drop slid down the underside of his shaft.

I wanted to cry at the waste of it all. Tears sat in my eyes at my own discomfort of being hornier than hell and knowing no release was in my future.

“Get a towel for me.”  He nodded toward my nightstand where a small stack of hand-towels resided. Another rule of his.  I scooted off the bed and retrieved the softest one I could find. I reached over to him, to start cleaning him off but his hand came out from behind him and snatched it away. “Stand there and watch. You can watch all of this come go to waste. Not in your mouth, not down your throat, not in your cunt, or over your tits. Just wiped off on a towel and put in the laundry.”

“I’m really sorry.” I whispered. He finished cleaning off and slid off the bed to toss it in the hamper.  I watched his ass as he moved which only made me hungrier for him.

He walked around the bed, placing a kiss to my cheek when he reached me.  “I know you are, but for your sneakiness and dishonesty, you’ll be in chastity for a week. Now, I’m going to re-heat the lasagna your mom left for us while you change into your punishment clothes”

I turned toward the closet to seek out the chastity belt he bought for me last year when my mind fully grasped what he said.  “Wait!”  He looked at me while he pulled up his boxers. “Did you say mom left a lasagna?”

“Yeah, she must have stopped by this afternoon. It was on the kitchen table when I got home.” He grinned and reached for his jeans.

“And…uhm….where was my…toy at the time?”

“Right next to it.” He winked while pulling his black t-shirt over his head. He placed a kiss to my cheek and pointed to the small box on the floor of the closet. “There’s your belt, and no bra either. Just the belt tonight I think.  Bring me the lock after you have it on.” He gave me another kiss and a slap to my ass before he left the bedroom, humming as he made his way back down to the kitchen.

The re-heat the lasagna my mother sat next to my vibrator on the kitchen table.