Nothing prepared me for the showers after a hot and sticky summer afternoon of playing soccer with my boyfriend and a few of his buddies.  The sun hammered down on us as the opposing team beat us down with their skills, leaving us all dripping wet with both sweat and tears.

Dave had warned me the game would be hard, the team we played against practiced more than once a week like we did, and took the game much more seriously than we did.  We saw it as a way to blow off some steam on the weekends and get a good workout in at the same time.  I loved it because Dave usually was so pumped from the physical exertion, he’d slip into my locker room and give me the pounding I loved so much from him.  Being the only girl in the make-shift league held it’s advantages.

But even when that knowledge, I was surprised with the door to the locker room swung open. I had just pulled off my sports bra and stood in the row of lockers fully naked.  I didn’t cover myself, years of belonging to Dave taught me my body held no shame.

“Cortney.” Dave called from a few rows away. I grinned.

“Over here, by the showers, Dave.” I picked up my towel and began walking toward the shower room.  He’d be there in a minute, no need to wait for him to get started. He liked walking in on me while I had my fingers deep inside my pussy, waiting for him to join me.

The warm water ran down my back as I gripped my nipples hard, bringing them to stiff peaks, just like he liked them.  Dave appeared in the doorway, fully nude and gorgeously erect. His cock had to be the most beautiful cock I’d ever seen. Thick and long.

“Want some company?” He flashed me a toothy smile and walked over to me, blocking the doorway. “I brought us someone to play with.” He whispered in my ear before licking my earlobe. Surprised, I looked over his shoulder to see Todd standing in the entrance.  His body just as hard and his cock nearly as long.  His hand wrapped around the shaft and began to pump his dick right in front of me.

“Oh. I-” We’d talked about having another man join us, Dave loved the idea of directing me with someone else, and giving the other guy orders on how to please me in return.

“You just lean back against this wall, while we clean up.” He pressed my shoulders against the cool tiles of the shower. “Play with my pussy, don’t stop, but don’t you come. If you come before I say, you’ll have a punishment from both Todd and Me, and Todd can be way more evil than I.” His warning came with a wink. More evil? What could be more evil than gingerroot and nipple clamps?

“Okay.” I whispered, moving my eyes back to the tan body stepping under my shower head.  The water cascaded down Todd’s hard muscles, down to where his hand continued to stroke his cock.

Dave stepped up to him, pushing Todd’s hand away and gripping his cock for him. I swallowed at the sight of my boyfriend stroking another man’s dick.  My pussy clenched around my fingers as I plunged them harder into my hot passage.  Dave gripped his own cock then, pumping both with the same rhythm and intensity.  Todd threw his head back and groaned at what looked like extreme pleasure.

I gripped my nipple and began to twist it, imagining Dave’s fingers giving me the delightful pinch.

“Fuck.” Dave growled and let go of their cocks, but not moving away. He instead began to rub his dick over Todd’s. Both cocks rubbed each other as the men began to rub soap over each others’ chests and asses.  Todd leaned in and bit Dave’s neck.

“Fucking suck me.” I heard Todd growl and Dave instantly dropped to his knees, the water from the shower soaking his hair.  I bit hard down on my lower lip as my boyfriend took the engorged head of his friend into his mouth.  I watched with quickened breath as he moved up and down on the cock.  My fingers pushed against my clit as Dave took Todd all the way into his mouth, down his throat and gagged just enough to make Todd smile with satisfaction. “Fucking again.”  Todd grabbed Dave’s head with both hands, and pushed him down onto his erection. How many times had Dave done the same to me?

My body trembled, my orgasm was so close. But Dave hadn’t given his permission. Dare I interrupt him to ask?  I eased off my clit to let my arousal drop a bit.

“No.” Todd growled at me. Our eyes met in a flash and I saw  the domination there. “Don’t you dare stop. Fucking rub your clit hard for me. Let me see that pussy, that’s it, spread your legs. Good girl.” He continued to face fuck Dave while I obeyed his instructions. “Fuck.” His head bent back.  He pushed Dave off his cock and marched over to me. Dave crawled to me, kneeling at my feet. Such a turn of our dynamic. I knelt, Dave never did.

Dave pushed my hands away and dove his tongue right into my cunt. I moaned from the pleasure it brought me, how close to the edge it pushed me.

“Jerk him off.” Dave ordered me from below.  I nodded, reaching out for Todd’s cock. I wrapped my hand around his thick shaft and began to stroke him hard, clenching my hand around him.

Dave’s tongue flicked over my clit as three fingers thrust into me. “OH! Dave, I need to come. Please. I have to come!” I begged loud, not caring if anyone could hear us.

“Then come.” He consented and continued to flick my clit with the tip of his tongue.  Th waves of my orgasm hit me hard, knocking the breath out of my chest.  My eyes flew open wide, my head tossed back against the tiles I screamed out as I came in Dave’s mouth.  Each pulse of my pussy dragged out longer, harder as he continued to work his fingers inside of me.  I had stopped stroking Todd, but he had taken over, fucking my clenched hand.

“Such a good girl.” Todd bit my shoulder. “Dave was right. Now get on your knees for us.” I nodded and moved down to kneel before the two men.  Each had their cock in their hand stroking fast and hard.  I knew what to do, Dave had taught me well.  I reached out to both of them, cupping their balls and leaned toward them with my mouth open wide.  They grunted, and groaned as they tugged on their cocks.

It didn’t take long before each yelled out their own release and hot streams of come spurted from their dicks onto my face, my outstretched tongue, and my tits.  The guttural groans they made reminded my cunt of how empty it felt. I wanted them inside of me, both of them.

“Next time, my little slut.” Dave grinned down at me, rubbing the head of his cock over my chin. “Next time you’ll have your holes filled by us both.” He promised.

And Dave always kept his promises.



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