Part 1 

Inspection Part 2

SaraEllyn stood naked in the den of her Master, a kind, gentle man that she’d grown to love over the course of several months, contemplating where to go; he hadn’t instructed which way to face when she put herself into position.  Deciding it better to get into position in the wrong spot than to be caught still debating the issue, she quickly dropped to her knees, the chill of the marble flooring awakening her senses.   The coolness of the floor relieved some of the heat in her cheeks; she hadn’t even realized that she’d been blushing.

The handle of the door turned. Quickly, she reached behind and pulled her ass cheeks far apart, while trying to ignore the new flame burning in her face. The indignity of it!  The door opened and two sets of feet filed into the room.  She could hear his booted steps and the sound of heels on the floor. How she wanted to steal a peak!

“This, dear sister, is my slave- SaraEllyn.  Your birthday present! ” His voice filled the room with pride.

1. Measha Stone 3. Joelle Casteel
2. Emily Tilton 4. Raya Ezelle