The crowd of star wars fans clapped behind us as we took our final bow.  The smell of testosterone and pre-come floated onto our stage.  I didn’t need to look behind me to see the erections of the men sitting in the front row.  The show had been a great success, all in all.

All I wanted to do was slip out of my thigh high stockings and fuck-me boots, but the new manager insisted we mingle with the crowd.   After an unwelcomed slap to my ass, I slithered around him and headed into the crowd.  The asshole had turned up the air again, making my nipples hard.  I could feel eyes on me as I walked through the crowd.  I smiled and spoke pleasantly to the brave boys that approached me.

Finally my shift was ending, and I could slip out of my lingerie.  As I rounded the corner to the dressing room, a muscular arm flew out in front of me, halting my escape.  The musky scent of his aftershave was familiar, not overwhelmingly gross like the geeks in the lounge. My eyes wandered up the arm, across a broad chest, and up further to a stubbly chin.

“When I told you to earn the money for your Vegas Trip, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”  My husband leaned forward to whisper into my ear.



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