Ringing echoed throughout the living room.  Cara’s stomach fluttered at the sound, leaping over the coffee table to grab the phone.  She answered, holding her breath with hope that it was him.  He’d been away for so long this trip. His business often kept him on the road for weeks at a time, but this trip had lasted almost a month.

It had been too long since she held his eyes in hers.  Weeks since she felt the feathery touch of his lips against her skin. Long sleepless nights since she heard the words of love from his mouth, felt the passion of his hands.  

She sank to the plush flooring, ignoring the robe when it opened, exposing her breast. A breast he loved to suckle and fondle at will.

His voice, always a comfort to her, reached out through the receiver. It was as though he were caressing her.   Years together, madly in love, and devoted to each other built a wall, brick by brick, word by word, touch by touch. She believed them safe behind their fortress. She believed the wall to be true.
Slamhammer words crossed the phone lines. Sharp, searing pain struck her breathless. She slinked to the floor, dropping the receiver just as he said “I’m in love with her…”
Although this didn’t come as a phone call… my sister had a similar conversation with her husband of 12 yrs. And since it’s been a month from hell listening to her heart-wrenching sobs, and watching her try to hide the hell she’s in from her two small boys, and praying he’ll come to his senses but knowing he won’t… I took the liberty of taking extra words. Next week will be sexier…I promise. Now over to Advizor’s for something a little more upbeat.
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