No extra words
Forbidden Words – boredom, enui
Key Word – Waiting
Word Limit – 250 exactly

There is no punishment more annoying than to be banned from wearing pants.  It seemed such a silly thing when He first condemned me.  He had rattled on about me being too flighty, taking too many risks. “You fly by the seat of your pants too much!  It isn’t safe.” His brown eyes deepened to a black tar as he lectured me.  

One girls night out had gone completely awry. How was I supposed to know that Chelsey, my old college roommate, would strip nude and streak across Michigan avenue.  Due to the fact that a police officer had been present and carted both of us into the station, and James had to come down to collect us, I was being punished.  

He probably thought he was being cute, banning me from pants after making his little comment. There had been a sparkle in his eye when he deemed it a fitting consequence.  I laughed, then huffed, then protested as he removed all of my underwear, skirts, jeans, and yoga pants from my dresser and locked them in his chest.  He would leave out what I could wear to work for me before he left for the day.  The punishment no longer seemed silly.

After a particularly long Saturday morning, I sat on our couch in my boots and sweater. Waiting. James would be coming home soon with his mother and father for dinner.  He had left to pick them up at the train station.  Leggings had been left out on our bed, but he hadn’t said to put them on.  I heard the key in the door and grinned.

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