Key Words: Trick OR Treat (but not both)- Done!
Forbidden Words: Surprise, creamy – Almost broke the rule, but didn’t! 
Word Limit: 20 minutes of typing … that’s it!  YEAH!Only one word typed after my alarm sounded!Bonus Words: Additional five minutes of typing if the pumpkin stays on! 

It started out as a joke, as so many wonderful stories do. Alan, my newest fuck toy, asked if he could use my kitchen to make a pumpkin pie for his Halloween party. A party that I would be attending, and I love pumpkin pie, so of course I gave my permission. There was only one condition, he needed to bake the pie in the buff.

He has the sexiest body I’ve had the pleasure of beating and fucking in many years. Hours spent at the gym have not gone wasted on him.  Muscles ripple down his chest, his stomach, his back, both arms…he’s like a fucking brick wall.  It makes his little whimpers behind the gag as I flog his ass all the more enjoyable.

Cooking nude wasn’t anything new to him, he rarely wears clothing in my house anyway. The night before his party, he arrived after I had already had my dinner. He stood at the doorway, placed his bag of groceries on the floor and began to strip.  I loved watching him peel away the exterior layers of the powerful executive until the strong submissive man knelt before me. I gave him the pat on his head he was waiting for and we headed to the kitchen.  

I slid onto the countertop to watch him as he baked.  His eyes glanced over at me casually. My skirt was long and flowing, the one I knew he loved best. Many times I would have him on his knees, beneath my skirt using his tongue on my clit while I stood to wash dishes. It makes him feel naughty to hide beneath it, eating me until I orgasm.

“Start baking.” I smiled and waved to the bag of groceries.  

He removed the items from the paper bag and paused a moment when he noticed my jack-o-lantern sitting next to the stove.  I smiled inwardly as he inspected it. “There’s a whole in the bottom of this,” He commented when he picked it up.

I jumped from the counter and took it from his hands. “How else would you get it on your head?” I asked with a smile. His eyes shot to me at my declaration and I laughed.  “It’s no worse than the hood you wore last week.” I assured him. He seemed to relax.  “Get on your knees for me.” I ordered. He’s at least a full head taller than me.  I placed the pumpkin back on the counter and lifted my skirt, showing off my freshly shaved pussy.  “It’s been a few days since your tongue has made me happy. Before we get started, why don’t do you that.” I lifted my leg to rest my foot on the small stool I keep in the kitchen.  

He looked up at me, licking his lips and smiling. “Thank you,” He whispered and grabbed my ass with his large hands pulling me to his mouth. His tongue was damn near magical, the way he swirled it around my clit. He licked up my juices, suckled my pussy. I had to put a  hand on the counter to keep from falling over, the pleasure was so great. My other hand rested in his hair.  He began to hum and I sighed heavily.  

“That’s it, lick there.. oh…damn, Alan…harder…fucking harder…” I ground my hips into his mouth and within moments I screamed out my release. He didn’t stop in his movements until I tapped his head to let him know he could.  He sat back away from me, his chin glistening with my wetness. “Such a good boy” I smiled and bent down to kiss him and lick his chin clean. “Now, let’s get your head on so you can make that pie.”

The jack-o-lantern slid over his head nicely, making me clap when he stood to his full height. I gave his erect penis a little slap when I heard him groan. “Would you like me to give you a treat for your good behavior?” I asked, wrapping my fingers around his thick shaft.

“Yes, Ma’am.” a muffled answer came from the pumpkin. I giggled and put more pressure on his dick.  

I slid to my knees, kissing the head of his cock. “You start to make the pie…I’ll start on the cream.”  
Flash Fiction Friday
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