Key Words: “what a … you have” 
Forbidden Words: riding, innocence
Word Limit: 382 words
Bonus Words: make her the corrupter (+75 words)
Extra Credit: tell about a time you corrupted someone innocent.
Image from The Daily Babe

Her tits!  No, that’s not the right word. Breasts. She had breasts beautiful, bountiful, sensual, and delicious breasts.  I wanted to bury my face into them. The urge to hold them was overwhelming. To feel my fingers cupping the perfect weight of them, to run my tongue over the pert nipples of each. Oh! the agony of being made to sit in that chair!

She stood at the entrance of the room, the hood of her sweater laid lazily across her head, shadowing her gaze.  The short, pleated skirt she wore covered only enough to frustrate me even further.  The white knee high socks, coupled with her shiny black mary-janes nearly undid me.

“Do not get up.” She warned as the thought of bounding across the room and throwing my face into her bosom popped into my head. I sat on my hands, hoping to contain their urges.

As if reading my intentions and wanting to increase my torture, her hands slowly slid from her belly up to her breasts. Her fingers trailed along her smooth skin, making me ache.  She cupped them in her hands and moved them gently up and down, as though she were weighing them. As I had wanted to do only a moment before.

Her forefinger and her thumb slid in front and pinched her nipples. She fondled them, twisting them in front of me. A whimper escaped me. How could it not, the torture was so definite. The confinement so uncomfortable.

Removing her palms, she held her breasts out by her nipples. She licked her lower lip and pulled harder, raising them higher for me. My breath came quickly, my heartbeat drummed in my ears.  With a wink, she opened her fingers and let her breasts fall, bouncing back to their original position.  

With controlled steps,she moved to where I sat.  She nudged my legs apart with her knee and stood between them.  The sweater was shed, and her wonderful breasts were bobbing a breath away from my lips. I dared not move.

“Do you want to suckle?” She moved closer, brushing her nipple against my dry lips. I groaned as the irritation of my chastity increased. My tongue reached out, searching for the warm skin.

A harsh vibration began between my legs,. The vibrator sewn into my panties began to torture my clit and she pulled away from my tongue.  “You still didn’t ask politely, little one.  What a big discipline problem you have!”  

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