If Connor didn’t move his elbow out of her side, Terry was going to kick him in the nuts. After she shoved him off of her. He had been heaving over her for several minutes already and all that she could think about was how much that damn elbow hurt..  Couldn’t he figure out where to put his hands?  He wasn’t a virgin, that much she knew from rumors among their co-workers.  But he seemed to lack experience, too.

His right hand floundered over her breast as though he wanted something, needed something but changed his mind and put it back beside her head. She lifted her hips, trying to force her clit to make contact with him,something to relight the fire that had gone out since he thrust his dick in her. She didn’t try to make eye contact. It was hopeless. Another man who knew nothing about the pleasures of a female body.  

Just as she was about to give up and throw out a few grunting sounds before groaning her faux orgasm, Connor let loose a frustrated growl and rolled off of her. “I can’t do this!” He dug both his hands into his hair. She laid in momentary shock. He couldn’t do what? Fuck her, well she had already figured that out. “I’m sorry, Terry.” He rolled to his side, draping his arm around her midsection and looked into her eyes.

A melted pool of arousal looked down at her. A small strand of his chestnut hair fell playfully on his forehead.  His brow wrinkled in frustration and concern. “I don’t want to fuck you like this.” She opened her mouth to say something, but he shook his head to stop her. “No. I want to fuck you in a lot of ways, but this missionary bullshit is not one of them.”

“A lot of ways?” She heard her voice ask in a meek tone she barely recognized as hers. His stare was not that of a man with little bedroom experience.  This was not the Connor she met for sandwiches in the deli at work. This Connor looked stern, forceful.  Suddenly her clit began to come alive again, the fire started to rekindle.

“Yes. I want you bent over the bed, ass in the air for me.” He gave her a little shove to get her moving.  Sliding from the bed she gave him another quick glance, wondering where he had been all night. This Connor touched her deeper than any finger could.  

She bent over her bed and grabbed the sheets in her fists. His look of approval was as physical as any touch could be.  Making his way around the bed he said, “Such an obedient little slut.”  The tone he said the words suggested that he wasn’t being insulting, but rather turned on by her actions. Fingers dug into her flesh, pulling her ass cheeks apart.  “Look at me.” He commanded and she quickly turned her head to look over her shoulder. A dimple appeared on his cheek when he grinned at her. “So fucking hot. Keep your eyes on me.” Before she could react, he thrust into her. She let out a small chirp of surprise and then sighed deeply.

He pushed her on her back until her ass was perched higher.  His cock filled her with the new angle. She kept her eyes on him as he dug his fingers into her ass and pounded into her. Her clit brushed against the edge of the bed, and she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation. A sharp slap to her ass made her open her eyes again.  “Do you want to come?” He asked in a heavy voice.

“God yes!” She nodded and he grinned wider, showing a straight line of white teeth.  His hand snaked beneath her, and he found her swollen clit. She cried out at the surge of pleasure that overtook her. “Fuck, Connor!” her hips began to thrust back, meeting each of his thrusts. Her clit rolled beneath his fingers. The pressure built so high she wondered if it was possible for a woman to literally explode with an orgasm. Another pinch to her ass brought her attention back to him.

“When we are done here, I want to fuck you against that wall.  Over the arm of the couch in the livingroom.  Against the bookcase in your office. I want your lips on my cock as I watch TV. “ His words worked as third and fourth hands, caressing her very core. Who knew she could be such a whore.  “Come for me.” He pinched her again and pressed more firmly on her clit.

The explosion felt as though a million firecrackers went off inside of her.  Forceful waves of ecstasy pulled her in every direction. Her breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t make a sound.  Somewhere in the middle of her journey he thrust hard into her, finding his own release. They rode the waves together, finally slowing down as their bodies relaxed into each other.

Heavy breaths filled the room. They made no move to untangle their bodies. His hands caressed her backside, rubbing away any sting his pinches may have left behind. She rested her head on the mattress, smiling into the sheets.  Slowly, he pulled away from her and went to the bathroom to remove the condom.

She was sitting on her bed, blanket covering her breasts, when he returned. He sat on the bed beside her and wiped a strand of hair from her eyes. “You okay?” Back was the soft voice. The tender touch. The concerned eyes.

“I’ve never acted…I mean….that was really slutty…” She felt the blush overtake her cheeks.

“You’ve always been a slut, you’ve just never tapped into it before.” He gave a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, you’ll be more comfortable with it soon enough.”  

“Comfortable with being a whorish slut?” She asked, her eyes wide in surprise. He leaned over and kissed the tip of her nose. A comforting act.

“No. You’ll be comfortable with being my whorish slut.”

Wicked Wednesday