Key Words: Breakup, Boyfriend
Word Limit: 350
Forbidden Phrase: Walk of Shame
Bonus Words:  She’s a good church girl most of the time.
Extra Credit:  Oh crap, these aren’t my panties!

“I don’t know how else to say it, so I’m just going to say it.” His deep blue eyes stared at me from the drivers seat.  His two-door sedan was warm with the windows rolled up, and the AC on the fritz again.  He shuffled his hair with his right hand and blew out the air in his lungs with the flare of a trumpet player.  I waited.

“Okay, so say it.” I leaned back against the door and crossed my arms under my breasts.  The low cut of my dress was less about fashion than it was for temptation.  He continued to stare at me, helpless.  I sighed in aggravated annoyance and quickly slid my black panties down my legs and tossed them into the back of the car.  

With no fanfare, I leaned over his seat and unzipped his jeans. His cock was at full staff and thick. I wrapped my dry lips around his head and twirled my tongue.  I heard him drag air into his lungs.  Slurping sounds always got him to his endgame quickly; I was louder than usual.  

“Fuck, yes.” He groaned, digging his hands into my neck.  I pulled back, smiled dangerously at him, and slid my body over him, straddling his lap.  Reaching down, I pulled the seat lever, moving the seat back and making my position more comfortable for me.  

His dick eased into me. I held onto his shoulders as I did my lap dance, grinding my clit into him.  He tried to pull my dress down, to get to my tits, but I slapped his hands away and continued to ride him hard.  I watched his face as I quickly found my own reward, screaming out my orgasm and not giving a fuck about the old biddies in the church parking lot.

“Can you bend over the seat?” He asked, trying to push me away and position me for his taking.  

I laughed. “Uh. No… you see. I have a boyfriend, and although this little fuck time with you these past few sundays have been fun and all.. it’s over.” I reached back and grabbed my panties.

“I thought you broke up.” His high pitch whine scraped along my spine.

“Yeah. Like I’d break up with him for you!” I shimmed my panties on as best I could and opened the door just as he tried to reach for me.  I walked away from his car with a confident grin plastered to my face.

As I pulled my panties all the way up, I heard laughing from his car. I took a few more steps. “Dammit.  These aren’t my panties!”