I recently saw a post on Facebook from another author who’s mother completely shot him down as a person because he writes Erotic Romance.  She said horrible things to him about being the author and about us readers for reading such things.  Normally, I would write it off as ‘meh’ she doesn’t get it, but this got to me and made me think.

I am very lucky that my parents have had no issue with my chosen genre.  My mother won’t read my stuff because she feels it would be “too wierd”- which I understand. (I do write some vanilla stories that she enjoys and wants me to publish…but one genre at a time!)  I recently told a handful of my cousins that I write erotica, and again I was not greeted with the scorn and disapproval I feared. However, I did not give them my blog address, the title of my newest release or my pen name. I didn’t withold this information because I was afraid they wouldn’t like my writing, but rather because I wasn’t ready for them to enter my world. 
How many erotic writers keep to the shadows when it comes to thier own family, like myself? 
It’s easy to say to all of you that I enjoy my kinks, because you share a lot of them as well. You’ve sought this information and these stories. To mention to my family “Hey, check out my blog!” and then my extremely vanilla cousin does- out of love for me- it feels like dragging someone, who did not give consent, into the world of spanking, domination, submission, and such. (and there is one cousin that I am pretty sure would have an anxiety attack and fear for my very soul should she ever venture here)  
My husband would not bend me over the table at Chili’s to spank me, nor does he ask me to sit at his feet in public, because these things would bring others into our world who did not give thier okay.  This same rule feels like it applies to “outing” my writing to those that I know do not take residence here. 
But, if I did- I don’t think my family would react in the same way as the mother of the author I mentioned previously. Acutally, I know they wouldn’t.  They may tease me, they may not like it, but I don’t think they would openly scorn me like that.  I guess I’m pretty lucky.  I’m still not going on my family FB page and annoucing my new release– but I’m lucky. 
What about you authors? Bloggers?  Do you do so openly? Does your Aunt Minnie know you write spanking stories, D/s stories?    Tell me your thoughts. 
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