Training began the moment she stepped into his apartment.  The click of the bolt sliding into place resonated within her.  He walked to the middle of the room. His hand was casually stuffed into the right pocket. His jacket swept behind his arm in such a way that displayed the thick leather belt around his waist.  Her eyes settled on the buckle.
“When you enter my apartment you are to undress. The only thing you are allowed to wear is your garter-belt and stockings, if I’ve requested them worn.” His voice held an authoritative tone but no overbearing arrogance.  She immediately stripped.  Her eyes remained fixated on his belt as she purposefully unbuttoned her blouse and slid it from her body.  The lace bra clasped in the back. She was glad it unlatched easily, saving her from looking the fool in front of him. 
“Good Girl,” He smiled. “Come to me.” She walked barefooted on the cool wooden floor.  “Now, kneel.” She swallowed and obeyed.  “Hands behind your back, that’s nice.” He stroked her hair; she leaned into the caress.   “Do you want me to whip your breasts with my belt?” He lifted her chin to bring her eyes to his. “You must always answer me with honesty.” His finger trailed down her nose and tapped her lips.

“Yes, Sir.” She whispered. “Please.” 
Key Phrase: Training – Done! 
Word Limit: 200 – 223- so close this week! 
Forbidden Words: Dom, Sub, D/s, pain
Bonus Words:  Who’s your daddy? I just couldn’t do it… my husband’s humor has ruined this line from ever being sexy. 
Extra Credit:  What have you been trained to do? Remove panties before bed. (does that earn me an extra 23 words?)