In every relationship comes a time where one or both people begin to doubt the originality of their love. It seems that everyone around them feels the same about their partner as they do their own. How can Susan be madly in love with Stan because he’s perfect, if Jessica is madly in love with Robert because he is perfect?

Jessica explains to Susan that Steve is perfect for her, but may not be suitable for someone else. Susan sips her latte, unappeased.

“Stan could be suitable for other women. What if he wants to be with them? What if they would be suitable with him?” Susan snips her words with a high pitched tone that tells Jessica she is in a snit and best to let it ride itself out.

“Has Stan mentioned wanting to bring another women into the relationship?” Jessica asks with caution. An entire can of rabid earthworms can easily be opened when speaking to Susan during one of her episodes.

“Of course not!” Susan begins to bounce her right light on the tips of her toes. The small outside cafe table shakes. “I doubt he would tell me something like that. What an absurd idea, anyway.” She takes too long gulps of her latte. “What if Robert wanted to bring in another woman, wouldn’t you feel betrayed? Wouldn’t you feel inadequate?  I mean if your husband wants another woman, wouldn’t you feel like you were doing something wrong?” She leans across the table, lifting her sunglasses from her eyes to meet Jessica’s gaze.

Jessica keeps the memory of a long night of love making with Robert and the waitress from their favorite diner to herself. Though the sensation of the young server’s lips on her inner thigh is not one she’ll forget soon, she doubts now is an appropriate time to school her friend of the pleasures one could have with an open mind.

“If he hasn’t mentioned anything than I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about, Susan.” Jessica pats her hand lightly, testing the waters.  They seem tepid, she surges on.  “I bet work has been stressful, and you’ve taken on the new account at the firm as well.  The two of you probably just need a weekend getaway.” Susan eyes her for a moment and grins.

“Yes, that’s probably what it is. Your’re right. What was I thinking, doubting Stan’s love for me?  Why would he want anyone else other than me. We are perfect for each other.” Susan glanced at the gold banded watch on her slender wrist and said, “Oh! I’m supposed to meet the new client and Mr. Petersburg in ten minutes. I’ll call you later!”  Tossing her purse over her shoulder she maneuvers her way through the crowded cafe and chases down a taxi.

Jessica picks up her cell phone and taps the keys quickly,   “Just us tonight, Stan.”  Jessica tosses the phone back onto the table with an air of defeat.

Wicked Wednesday

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