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Photo credit: Evoe 

Lick Here

Roy’s fingers trembled as he turned the knob to the bedroom. He flicked off the bathroom light and stepped into the room with a nervousness he hadn’t felt since high school.  He worried that he would not live up to expectation, that he would make a fool of himself.

He stood in front of the bed, his hands folded in front of himself guarding his nakedness.  He watched her in the corner typing on her phone.  Quiet eyes looked up from the phone and washed over him.

“Payment received.” She tossed the phone onto the small night table with a grin.  “Now, let me see you. Move your hands.” She waved her neatly manicured fingertips at him.  He swallowed hard and moved his hands to his sides. “No, no..behind your back, clasp your hands together. There you go, that’s a good boy.”   

Roy kept his gaze hooded but watched her slink from the chair to where he stood. He felt his cock spring to life at the sight of her, there was no denying his need. The top three buttons of her white blouse were open, exposing the swell of her breasts.  Her gray pencil skirt clung to her hips, making her walk from the chair to him even more enjoyable.  He licked his lips at  the roundness of her ass caught in the reflection of the mirror.

“What’s this?” She mocked him, taking his shaft in her hand.  The warmth of her hand along with the pressure she applied could have undone him. He focused his mind on the smell of her perfume to keep from losing himself in her grasp. “You will do well.” She whispered into his ear. “Do you remember the word I emailed you in case you wish it to stop?” He nodded.  “Good.” She slapped his ass with her hand.  He closed his eyes at the sting.

“Would you like me to suck your cock?” She asked with another slap to his backside.

“Yes.” He gasped for air, not realizing he had been holding it.

She stood directly in front of him, her heels giving her enough height to meet his gaze. She leaned forward as though to kiss him and as he moved to meet her she disappeared.  He gripped his wrists behind his back to keep from touching her. How he wanted to touch her! Her black hair was twisted in a high bun on her head, and her lips were painted with a deep red lipstick.

“Ask nicely.” She pinched his thigh.

“Please suck my cock.” He whispered. She pinched harder. He repeated himself with more volume. She held his dick by his head and stuck her tongue out of her mouth. She kept her eyes on him as she dragged her tongue from the base of his cock to the very tip, lingering over the sensitive area under his head.  

“Open your eyes.” She snapped when he closed them. “Watch me.” She ordered and continued to lick him, taking her time with each stroke of her tongue.  He wanted to so badly to thrust himself into her mouth, but he promised to follow her lead- he had in fact asked for this exact torment.   He remained obedient, awaiting her next move.   

He felt her slender fingers release him and she stood face to face with him wearing an evil grin.  She walked back to the chair and unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, sliding it down her arms and dropping it to the floor.  She removed her bra in the same fashion. His breath caught at the sight of her breasts bounce once free of the restraint.  They would overflow his hands. They looked delicious. He wanted to drown in them.  

Her hands moved to her skirt. The skirt rolled down over her hips, then down her thighs until she kicked it away from her feet. He dug his nails into his palm to control himself. She wore no panties, and she remained in her black heels.  Her hands moved to her breasts, fondling them, pulling at them- the entire time keeping her eyes on him. He swallowed.

“You’d like to touch?” She teased.  “On your knees and crawl here.” She commanded as she took her seat in the armchair once again.  He obeyed immediately, glad to move his hands from behind him.  He dragged his knees and hands across the plush carpeting to where she sat.  He ducked his head as she swung her legs over him and hooked them onto the arms of the chair.

He worried the drool in his mouth would escape his lips at the sight of her pussy.  She was neatly trimmed, but not overly bare. Her lips looked soft, and satiny from the moisture that gathered there. Their time together affected her.  He could smell her arousal, his dick pulsed at the scent.

“Tell me what you want to do.” She cooed.  He felt his face flush. “Tell me, or you won’t be able to.” He didn’t doubt her.  

“I want to eat your pussy.” He heard the words escape him, but they sounded as if they had come from elsewhere. Had he said them out loud? She hadn’t laughed.

“Well, then you better make it good.” She scooted down in the chair to put herself closer to him. He nestled up to her and took her cunt in his mouth. She tasted better than he imagined she would. He suckled her lips and clit. The moan that escaped her told him he had found a good spot, and he continued to play with her. He licked the juices from her lips and delved his tongue into her cunt. “Fingers, don’t forget your fingers.” He felt his hair being tugged from her fingers clasping at his scalp. He slid two fingers into her slick pussy and began to work them as he wished he could his dick.

Her hold on him tightened as did her thighs, he deepened his strokes and sucked harder on her clit.  He looked up at her, her bun was coming loose, her mouth was open and her eyes were closed. Her tits were rising and falling with each heaving breath she took.  He plunged his fingers in hard and took her clit between his teeth. She cried out, and he felt the spasms around his fingers. He smiled into her pussy.

“Such a good boy.” She breathed and dropped her legs from the chair.  She pulled his head back and smiled down at him. “Clean your fingers.” She ordered and kept his hair in her grip as he licked his fingers clean.  

She pushed him away and climbed over him to get to the bed. She laid on the flowery bedspread and opened her legs.  “Well, are you going to fuck me?” She winked at him. He leaped up from the floor and onto the bed. “You have five minutes to come, after that it’s double.” She whispered into his ear. The heat of her breath drove him closer to his end.

He slid his stone hard dick into her hot, wet pussy and groaned at the sensation.  He pulled back and drove into her hard, not caring about the intensity. He felt her nails on his back and rolled his eyes back when she dragged them down his back.  

The bed squeaked and bounced off the wall with his movements, but he didn’t care. She continued to drag her nails down his arms and chest, each time bringing him closer to his end. He looked down at her, her tits bounced with his thrusts. He wanted to touch them, but he didn’t want to risk her stopping.

“Come for me, do it now.” She tweaked his nipple with her fingers. He lurched forward into her and felt the explosion take over his entire body. Muscles spasmed, his dick twitched, his mind blanked at the overload of pleasure.  When he settled down he rolled off of her.

She rolled onto her side and placed her head on his chest, He wrapped his arm around her and they laid in silence until their hearts calmed and their breathing slowed.

“Hey, who was on the phone.” He asked giving her a playful pinch on her arm. She giggled.

“It was my sister.  The movie they went to was sold out, so she took the girls bowling instead.” She explained.

“Ah.” He kissed the top of her head. “I love you.” She kissed him, a sweet marital kiss before they drifted off to sleep.