I began reading Double Down by Katie Porter with the intention of writing a review. That idea went out the window after reading a few chapters.  Instead, I read the book with a highlighter and pen in hand. It became a study guide.

Ryan, a Major in the Air force, and Cassandra, the girl next door waitress, meet each other and nothing short of fireworks happen from that moment.  Ryan has a secret fetish, he loves role-playing. Cassandra is up for anything with him at her side.  The two enter a whirlwind of sexual encounters all the while falling for each other.  Ryan’s not sure he can admit to his love of his fetish, and Cassandra knows she can never go back to ordinary again.

The sex scenes in this book steamed up the room. I found myself grinning like an idiot more times than not while reading.   I’ll be honest, a lot of the time I skim sex scenes and look for the key words or hot spots. In this book, I read every word. And highlighted a few dozen for future inspiration.  The role-play in the story didn’t feel forced or silly. It felt like a real couple having really hot sex.

The only criticism I would have is that some of the dialogue (outside the sex scenes) was a little cheesy. I’m a real stickler for dialogue, I want all of it to sound 100% natural- so I tend to have this issue with most books I read (and write).

Double Down is one book in the Vegas Top Gun Series. I have the whole series and am trying to convince myself to skip the next book I have on my list for review and just stick with this series.

When I read books, one of my goals is to learn something from them. Not a life lesson, but something to improve my writing, and this book is going to be my textbook for my bedroom scenes from now on…at least until I read the next in the series!

You can find the book at Amazon. Kindle and print version.  Go get it!