Fate is a fucker.  It sits in the corner of a room, a bar most of the time, and watches people.  Looking for those that are down on their luck, or those that are celebrating a good time.  Finding the person that has just received a promotion, found out they’re pregnant, or newly engaged was like finding a million dollars in the mailbox. These are the poor souls fate liked to fuck with.

Juliana hated alcohol. She much preferred to be in complete control of her facilities at all time. Only once or twice had she allowed herself to sail a few sheets to the wind and mostly they were in celebration.  The last celebration took place only a month ago.  The coveted corner office of the accounting firm she worked for became hers that day. The day she met Jared.

Bethany, a good friend and colleague, took Juliana to the bar to celebrate her promotion.  Jared sat a few stools down from the bartender, near their table.  His brown-blonde hair held the perfect amount of neatly combed and sexy mussed look.  He wore a suit, but no tie. The top button of the black shirt went unbuttoned and he held a lazy smile when he looked over that them.

 Juliana tried to ignore him. Love wasn’t her goal for the evening, or the year.  She wanted a career. She would worry about love later.  Love made things messy. Goals had to be achieved.

Jared wouldn’t be ignored. He didn’t merely send over a drink to her table, he brought it himself.  He winked at Bethany, who instantly melted into the boyish charm.  Juliana found him sitting at their table before she could stop him.  A new drink in front of her, her third.

Four drinks later she was slipping into a cab with him.  He took her home. Her place.  As soon as the door to her apartment was locked they tore at each other.  His lips tasted of salt and brandy.  His hands were larger than her breasts, but she didn’t mind. She was too far gone to notice.

Their clothes landed on the floor, the couch, a sock was later found in the ceiling fan.  She took him to her bedroom. A room few men had inhabited.  She drank him in. His abs were tight, his chest broad with muscles.  His erect cock writing for her.

The alcohol took away her second voice, the one that told her to be careful.  She slid onto the bed, naked, and parted her legs.  She looked at him through her knees and crooked a finger at him. All too willing, he dove onto the bed.

Teeth bit at skin. Moans were released into the air where they hung.  The bed creaked beneath their weight. Juliana bucked up at him, taking him fully into her.  She clung to his neck, interlocking her fingers and bringing him to her lips.  He fondled her, licking at her tits, pinching her ass.  Her mind twirled from all of the sensations- and schnapps.

They found their release together. Juliana ignored Mrs. Berthshire banging on the wall for them to quiet down.  Heavy breathing slowed and they kissed more. Tenderly, with less hunger and more intimacy. Jared spent the night.

Juliana wasn’t looking for love. She had a career.  They saw each other casually- she kept him at arms length.  She had goals. Ambitions.

Fate is a bitch.

“Jared.” She tapped him on the shoulder, at the bar where they met.

“Hey.” His face brightened at her greeting. He seemed happy to see her. It wasn’t fake. “I was hoping to see you.” He pulled the stool out next to him.  “I am finding myself in a great mood.  You remember that job in Tuscany I mentioned, I got it!” His broad smile produced a dimple on his right cheek.  Ambition. Goals. She tried to smile for him.  “What’s wrong?” He pushed a glass of coke her way.

“I’m pregnant.” She blurted out and held back the tears boiling in her eyes.  Tuscany. No where near Chicago.

He stared at her. She stared at him.

Fate laughed in the corner of the room.

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