I found a great new site that acts very similarly to Flash Fiction Friday….except it’s on Wednesdays!  Here’s my entry this week…It’s an excerpt from Dark Desires– a collection of short stories that I will be releasing this summer.  I hope you like it, but either way let me know!! I love comments! 

“It feels silly now. I’ve ruined the moment, but I wanted to suck you.” Jessica felt as though a large stone had been lifted from her with the release of the words.  She searched his face for a reaction.  He was grinning at her like a child who’d just been given the golden ticket to the Wonka factory.

“The moment for that can never be ruined.” He promised and let go of her hair to caress her cheek.  He helped her from the stool and gave her room to glide down to her knees.  She looked up at him with wide eyes, her tongue running over her lips in anticipation.

She watched as his fingers moved over his belt, pulling the thick, black leather through the buckle. He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, pulling himself free of his jeans. He touched the top of her head with his fingertips; it was all the encouragement she needed.

Her fingers wrapped around his thick shaft. She brought him to her mouth, using the end of her tongue to lick the bead of moisture from the tip of his head. She looked up at him, making sure that he was watching- his breath was quickening. She smiled a devils smile before taking him fully into her mouth. She suckled him as she moved up and down on his dick.  She used her free hand to cup his balls, the growl that escaped him told her she had done the right thing.

“Wait, wait.” He pulled her mouth from him. The act seemed painful for him. She licked her lips and looked at him with a childish innocence.

“What’s wrong?”

“Let’s go to the couch.” He lifted her from the floor and threw her over his shoulder. The strength of him surprised her.  

He placed her on the couch as though he were laying the finest crystal down.  She watched in silence as he removed his clothing and sat beside her.  A strong arm reached out and pulled her to him, kissing her deeply. She waited for him to break off the kiss, as he always did, and then she slid down to his lap.  

She stretched out on the couch beside him. He ran his fingers through her hair and pulled it back holding it in his hands as he guided her down his shaft.  She gave over control to him, letting him choose the depth and speed of her strokes.  She rested her hands on his thigh. A soft moan from her delivered a low growl from him, she moaned again and she heard him suck in his breath.

“You’re killing me!” He groaned and pulled her up from his lap.  He watched her wipe her mouth with the back of her hand and he took a ragged breath.  “Go in my back pocket.” He pointed to his jeans. She reached down and dug around until she found what he was looking for. She handed him the small foiled package.  “Put it on.” He pushed it back at her.

She opened the packet, pulled out the rolled up rubber and placed it in her mouth. A trick not tried since high school, she worried she’d make a fool of herself.  He watched with admiration as she took him back into her mouth and slowly coaxed the rubber over him with her teeth and tongue.  Once it was fully on she sat back with a look of achievement. He pulled her to him and kissed her again with a new fire.  

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