Samuel sat at the bar sipping his third Bud Light of the evening wishing that he had asked for something better.  Having only started his drinking habit a short time ago, he didn’t know what “better” was when it came to beer.  He wished his time in high school had included at least one out of control party that he heard so much about on Monday mornings in homeroom. High school was long past and his college years were lived in the library.

Predictability suited Samuel. He woke up at the same time every morning, ate the same breakfast, went to work and came home at the same time.  The only variable in his existence took place at bedtime, when the decision of masturbation occurred.  Even that event worked in the same manner. He slept in the same position, on the right side of the bed on his back each night. If he chose to fondle himself, it was done so methodically.  Two pumps of the Aveeno lotion (for sensitive skin) into his right hand. He’d lean back against the headboard of his bed and begin to imagine the same scenario while his lubed hand began to stroke his hard cock.

In his imagination he pictured a woman woman with  silvery blond hair that reached hear hips and held large bouncing curls, entering his bedroom nude.  She would sit on his bed beside him and show her approval of his erection by kissing the tip of his head.  He would be in awe of her beauty, her flawless skin, her sapphire colored eyes and her pink lips would tantalize him with a soft kiss to his cheek.  She’d slide over him until she straddled him.  Her warm hand would wrap around his shaft and guide him into her wet sheath. The sensation of her womanly heat and softness would make him shutter. Her perfectly round breasts bounced as she began to slide up and down him, he would reach out for her but she’d slap his hands away. His hands would be replaced with her own, and she would give great care and fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples.  Her eyes remained on him. Her hair swayed with her more aggressive movements. He felt her tighten around him, he felt the edge near.   Lowering her head towards her chest, she would take one breast in her hand and bring it up to her mouth, licking her nipple with the tip of her tongue.  That single act would be his undoing, and he would find his release.

Samuel’s routine changed a month ago when he stopped to use the washroom on his way home from his after-dinner walk. The bar felt inviting, even to a man with such a rigid personality.  Only a few patrons sat at the bar and the bartender greeted him promptly upon the ding of the bell that hung over the main door. Samuel used the washroom and stayed for a beer.  Not one to be spontaneous and do things only once, he found himself stopping at the bar for a beer every night since that evening walk.

The third Bud Light marked the end of his time in the bar. He wouldn’t chance a fourth, although he held some pride at how quickly his tolerance for liquor was building.  The bell of the door caught his attention. He finished his last swig and looked toward the entrance.

A woman, tall in stature and slim by society’s standards, stood in the doorway looking perplexed.  Her hair, stretched to her narrow waist, blonde with strands of silver woven in the large curls, splayed across her bountiful chest. The snug sundress allowed for all of her womanly features to be admired from across the bar.  Samuel watched as the beauty caught his glance and walked toward him. She slid onto the stool beside him and asked the bartender for a glass of wine.

“Sam, you done?” The bartender took the empty bottle.

“No, I’ll have a glass of water.” Samuel responded, keeping his eyes on the blonde.  “I’m sorry.” He sputtered when she turned to him. “You look so familiar, but I can’t place it.”  Her dark blue eyes held happiness in them; her pink lips smiled broadly.

“You look familiar too.” She trailed her finger around the edge of her wine glass.

The two sat at the bar staring at each other, creating small talk, and enjoying their drinks. And for the first time ever, Samuel went home from the bar with a woman.  And for the first time he would have no need for the Aveeno bottle sitting on his nightstand.

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