It was no small thing, his buying her a piano. He was giving her a chance at fulfilling a dream since childhood. Practice times were scheduled, lessons were paid for, and she made her promises to him with sweetness shining in her eyes.

After months of lessons, he put aside an evening to be dazzled by her talent. She sat at the piano, her hair pulled back into a bun at the nape of her neck, at his request. She wore the black skirt and white cotton blouse he had left for her to dress in for her concert. The music sheet stood erect on the stand, the keys freshly cleaned for her performance. After a deep breath she began to play, and his hopeful smile waned. A few more bars were played and he was near scowling. The song finished but she did not turn to see his reaction, she didn’t have to. She knew.

“You haven’t been taking your lessons.” He stood from his chair in the corner. She nodded in confession, tears welled in her eyes at the disappointment apparent in his voice. “What do you think you should do now?” His voice was deeper and firm when he spoke.

She stood and slipped out of her clothing until she was wearing only her under garments. She knelt on the bench and pulled her hair free from the bun. He stood from his chair in the corner and watched her as she wiped a tear from her cheek. She had been hiding the secret from him and it was tearing at her. She was ready to be rid of the guilt to be free from her deceit.

He took a deep breath and reached for his belt.

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