Random Moment
By: Measha Stone

She felt vulnerable being completely naked beneath him. He caressed her cheek as he nuzzled her neck. He pinched her left nipple as he nibbled the right . Continuing on his path, he placed a hand on her belly as he settled himself between her thighs. She looked down the length of her body at his grinning face, and her eyes rolled back with anticipation.

She could feel his large, strong hands slip beneath her bottom. Using her hands, she covered her eyes to shield herself from the view of what he was doing to her. Her hips rose off the bed as he lifted her wetness to his lips. She felt the hot air of his breath as he blew onto her and she squirmed slightly from it. With no warning he dove his head into her groin, nibbling her inner thigh. She squealed at the sensation. He was quick in his movements as he moved his attention to the other thigh.

Just as she was about to pull away from him, to gather herself a bit, he lifted off of her and again blew softly onto her. A pleading moan escaped her lips as she again covered her eyes. A quick flick of his tongue against her clit and she groaned louder arching upward to him slightly. He chuckled.

He did not make her wait long, pulling her to his mouth once more. He began licking at her, sucking on her, and pleasuring her all the while. Her squirms and her sighs of ecstasy only fueled his hunger for her all the more. His nails bit into her flesh and she shrieked from the shock of it. He grew harder with her sounds of discomfort and he dug into her again.

So many sensations at one time, she knew not which to feel first. The pain in her bottom or the wonderful pleasure his mouth was giving her. When she thought she could bare no more of his grip he released her to lick at her gently with his hot tongue. On the brink of orgasm she tossed her head to the side and tightened her thighs. Knowing her enough to know when she was near finding her release, he again dug his fingers into her voluptuous bottom and reeled at the yelp she rewarded him with.

He did not release her this time, he dove his tongue into her and began to assault her lips with his teeth. She tried half heartedly to get away from him but found herself arching up towards him all the more. The heat was building and she screamed without regret as the waves of her release crashed over her. She bolted upwards with the intensity of it, the pain in her bottom only increasing the pleasure of her clit as he continued to lick at her.

He gave her no time for rest as she laid back to regain her breath he was quick to cover her and drive himself into her hard. She was surprised to find how much she had wanted him inside her. She pulled her legs up and spread herself further for him as he continued to drive into her hard over and over again. She felt so full, so used as he found his own pleasure and collapsed onto her.

His scent lingered long after he had cleaned himself and walked away from the room. She wanted to wait for his return, to give him words of love and praise, but she slipped into her dream world before he ever made it back to the bed.

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