Here is my submission for Flash Fiction Friday #6. If you’d like to participate, and you should, just go on over to Spanky‘s site and find out the details.

Freedom Chain

The instructor didn’t allow Ryanna to finish her dance. He halted her performance abruptly.

“Your strides are too great! Your feet should be closer together so as not to look clumsy. Ballerina’s should be graceful, like a leaf falling gently down from a tree in the fall.” he chastised the young lady.

Ryanna remained still while he, a much sought after dance instructor, walked around her deep in thought. She felt naked when he peered at her in such a way.

“I have it!” he declared and disappeared into the storage closet. He returned holding a pair of leather anklets. She stood in awe as he locked each strap. Once the chain was locked, linking her ankles together, he stood and smiled. “There! Now again!” he clapped his hands and the music began to play.

The leather restraints were tight around her ankles, almost painfully so. She looked to her instructor with new eyes.

Also, A good friend of mine, Katia, has started her own writing blog. Her work is excellent and she posted her first post today. Go over there and pay her a visit. I hope to see more from her!
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