One thing that I have always wanted to be is a writer. Ever since I was able to put a few words together to make a sentence I have had the longing to write. As a child I used my “play” typewriter to pound out short story after short story. In high school I aced our creative writing class (that was finally offered my senior year) because it was more of a play period than a class for me. I was also the only freshman in my college class that was writing a historical romance novel. I just love it! It’s a true passion of mine.

However, as the years have passed, the children have come the mortgage was due, life happened and the writing got shelved. I made one or two attempts at professional publication and when that didn’t pan out as planned I just pushed it further back on the shelf. After all, the kids need food and shelter….my job came first and if there was time I’d write a bit.

Recently, I’ve opened a little store front at Lulu.com and have minimal success with it. However, I have found that I need to work on my skills a bit. My goal for this blog is to use it as my little journal. I plan on posting some full works (mostly short stories of the DD genre) and some little blurbs that have passed through my mind. My current blog Measha’s Musings is really my journal about my DD journey and I wanted a new outlet for my creative side…so I’ve opened up this blog. I will also post when a new story or book (I have a collection series almost ready for publication) is available at my store front. Mostly, though I’m going to be using this blog as my writing workshop…and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I plan on enjoy writing for it!