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Garrick has been in Jade’s friend-zone high-school. But that’s about to change. But moving from friends to lovers is hard enough without the complications of his dominating ways and her need to submit.

Getting this wrong could ruin everything.
Getting it right could mean the world.

She wasn’t the job, but she became my business.

My orders were clear.
Get in, get the job done, and get the hell out.
No loose ends, no witnesses.
It’s what I do. And I don’t fail.

Until now.
She shouldn’t have been there.
And now I have a new job.
Find and deal with Cherise Styles

(While this book takes place in a series world of multiple authors it is 100% stand alone.)

Stolen and locked away.

My name is Magdalena. I’ve been chasing after a story more dangerous than I realized. And now, they’ve taken me.

The Dowidoff family has been the focus of my attention, and now I’m theirs. They’ll keep me locked away until I’m trained, and then they plan to sell me.

Highest bidder wins me; the nosey American girl, and Kristoff has been put in charge of my education. I can’t give up hope, even when Kristoff promises there is none. Not for me at least.

He’s going to break me. He’s going to teach me. And at the end of it, I will be claimed

Warning:  Contains NonCon scenes

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