Beast Bonus Epilogue

“Did you really have to make me say that in front of everyone like that?” Ellie whispered her question to her husband as they made their way down the hall.

Her husband.

Even in her own mind, it sounded strange. But with time, it would feel more natural.  Just like being on Ash’s arm as they walked away from the ballroom where they’d just finished taking their vows in front of friends, family, and Ash’s associates.

Ash gave her a squeeze, redirecting her to his office.


She sighed. Defiance had been an option, but they were speaking their vows, everyone had been watching. Worst yet was the annoying truth that speaking the words had made her insides warm. But still, they hadn’t discussed it before hand, and it was heavy handed of him to insist upon it last minute.  She shouldn’t have been surprised; she had married Ashland Titon after all. And she couldn’t remember a time where he didn’t express his ownership of her heart and body.

“Why are we going to your office? I need to go upstairs to pin this up.” She pulled on the long skirt of her wedding gown. It was long and heavy. Although beautiful with the minimalist princess design, she looked forward to removing the train. She never should have let Ash talk with the dress maker. Although she did end up with the simple dress she wanted, Ash had the train lengthened.

He pushed his office door open and ushered her inside, kicking the door closed behind him.

“We need a minute.” He locked the handle then made his way to the secret door built into his office wall and flipped a latch worked into the baseboard. “A private minute.” He turned toward her, his hands hanging loose at his side. With a steady stride he moved to her, stalking her until her ass pressed against the edge of his desk.

Hunger possessed his eyes as he let his gaze wander over her body.

“Ash, we don’t have time for this.” She pressed her hands to his chest. “Everyone will be waiting for us, they’ll know…”

“Do you really think I care what people think they know?” He asked in that growly voice she’d become accustomed to from him.  Every time he used that tone with her, shivers of excitement and arousal ran through her body.

Ash grabbed hold of her wrists and pushed them down to her sides, pinning them to her body while he lowered his lips onto hers. The moment his lips touched hers, electricity shot from one nerve to another. She found her body melting beneath his power, molding into his form. He’d completely taken over her senses with a simple kiss.

Though nothing with Ashland Titon was ever simple. He released her hands and brought one hand to her throat, gently squeezing. As he broke the kiss, he pushed her head back.

“Say your vows to me again, Ellie.” He reached down and gathered the front of her dress until he was able to maneuver his hand beneath the long skirt. His fingers quickly found her sex, as she’d forgone wearing panties. At his order. Always at his order.

“Ash,” she whispered his name while the rough pad of his finger pressed against her already wanting clit. Eagerly, she pushed her pelvis into his touch. Hungrily, she bit down on her own lip.

“This feels good, right?” He ran his tongue over the shell of her ear. “Having me touch you like this? Having my fingers bring you so much pleasure?”

Without any more preamble he thrust two fingers into her pussy. She gripped the edge of the desk behind her, spreading her legs to give him more room.

“Answer me,” he ordered while plunging his fingers in again harder.

“Yes. This feels good, Ash,” she whispered. Her throat dried, her breaths came faster and sharper as he continued to fuck her devilishly with his fingers, making sure to grind the heel of his hand into her clit. “So good.” She grabbed hold of his shoulder, trying to hold him to her, to keep him from moving away from giving so much pleasure.

“Tell me, Ellie, give me your vows again.” He bit down on her earlobe, mingling the bite of pain with the delicacy of pleasure.

“To love you.” She gasped when he curled his fingers, stroking the fire blazing inside her. “To honor you.” She leaned her head forward, pressing her forehead into his chest.

“One more, Ellie, what’s the last vow you made.” He thrust harder, faster as she approached the edge of sanity. Only his touch could create such havoc within her mind. With each breath she inhaled his scent, driving her further and further the brink.

“Ash. Please.”

“Give me what I want, Ellie.” He slipped a third finger into her already full pussy. “Give me your last vow, wife.”

It was the first time he used the moniker with her. His wife.  She didn’t need the ring on her finger, or his name tacked onto her own to know she belonged to him.  It was more than a signature on a piece of paper, it was the depth of their love for each other. With every look, every touch, she felt his love.

“To obey, Ash. Love, honor and obey!” She yelled the last word that he wanted to hear, that she needed to say just before her entire body shook from the tidal wave of pleasure barreling down on her.

Her pussy gripped Ash’s fingers. He pumped them faster, driving her through her orgasm until every last bit of pleasure had been drained from her body. Breath became a luxury, and her heart pounded against her ribs.

“Such a good girl.” He wiped away a long strand of hair from her face, with his free hand while slowly extracting his fingers from her passage. “I love you, Ellie.”

“I love you, too, Ash.” She smiled up at him as her ability to speak returned.

He smoothed her skirt back down over her legs and helped her get to her feet.

“You’ve made us late now.” He arched a brow at her.

She snorted.  “I don’t think anyone will blame me.”

He shrugged.

Ash grabbed her hands when she reached for his belt and shook his head.

“But—” He cut her words off with a fierce kiss. “I have plans for that, but not now. Soon.” He winked with a devious grin. Whatever he had planned, she doubted she’d have to wait longer than the dessert course to find out.

“Fine.” She reached up to where he had his shoulder length hair tied back and pulled the band free. His hair fell forward. “There. Much better.”

He laughed. “I thought you wanted me to have that prince look about me for the wedding.”

She grinned. “I was wrong.” She looped her arm through his and pulled him toward the office door. They really did need to get changed and get back down for the reception.

“Besides. Why would I want a prince, when I am in love with the Beast?”


Next up is Tower, a dark and schmexy Rapunzel retelling. You are going to fall hard for Peter…