Sensual brunette woman bent over chair, posing in sexy underwearIt’s been a while since I’ve posted a WIP it up Wednesday because I’ve been writing like a madwoman.  I finally have a second while I’m doing revisions on 2 (yes two) novels that should be out shortly.  Today’s WIP is from an untitled work. It’s book two, coming directly after Protecting His Pet.   This is Trevor’s story.  He’s a missing persons detective chasing after a woman who’s not really missing, and really doesn’t want to go home.  In the scene below, she’s agreed to play his submissive while they are stuck together and well- he caught her in the shower being a little too thorough with cleaning her lady bits after he told her not to.



“Yes, I agree.”

He clapped his hands and rubbed them together. “Excellent.” Ripping the towel from her body he pointed to the bed. “Bend over.”


“Yes, Addison. I want your butt in the air. Oh, don’t worry, you’re not getting another spanking. I don’t intend to leave bruises, but you aren’t getting away with stealing my orgasm. Now, over.” He grabbed her elbow and all but flung her at the bed.

Once she was in position, her arms flat on the bed, her ass high in the air she looked over her shoulder. If there had been fear, he would have stopped. It would have killed him, but he would have. But she’d looked at him with nothing resembling that. Wide eyes filled with curiosity as he moved behind her.

“Your orgasms, just like the rest of you belong to me. If you steal one, there’s a price. I bet right now, you’d love to have my cock in you. Filling you, stretching you. That piddly little orgasm you had wouldn’t come close to what I could give you in this position.” The tips of his fingers trailed over the still red stripes from his belt.

Her cheeks clenched when he unbuckled his belt for the second time that morning. He hadn’t lied, he wasn’t going to spank her again. Another need would be filled this time.

“I bet your cunt is still soaked, still wanting.” He pulled his cock out of his pants, fisting it and began to pump his staff. “I bet you’d fucking love to have my cock again.” 

 Whatever he was doing behind her, it wasn’t at all what she wanted. Which was probably the point. Finally, she looked at him again, and her eyes were immediately drawn to his cock. Catching her looking, a smirk crossed his lips. He unhanded himself and bent over, offering his palm to her.

“Spit.” He ordered. Not wanting to, but seeing the look in his eyes, she decided it might be best to start playing by his rules. Her ass already burned, her pussy felt empty, and he’d ruined her orgasm in the shower with his well-timed announcement.

She gathered up as much saliva as she could and emptied it onto his palm. “Good girl.” He winked at her and brought his hand back to his dick, wrapping it around once more and stroking himself. Those two words would be better said before he slid his cock into her, not when he was denying her the very thing she wanted. “Keep your eyes on me.” He ordered when she resolved not to watch him.

Poor girl!  But don’t worry, she gets what she needs, even if it’s not what she wants!  A lesson every submissive has to learn at some point.   Now, don’t forget to stop over and check out all the great submissions this week!  And say hi!

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