I have a surprise…well…I guess it’s more of an update than a surprise..but whatevs.  So the update is… Protecting His Pet is going to be released soon!   Like super soon!  And the cover is coming even sooner! Once I have that, you know I’ll share. In the meantime, it is Wip It UP Wednesday, so I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at Protecting His Pet.


Devin’s thumb traced Kara’s upper lip. “There are things you don’t need to know. But it’s what you do know that I’m interested in, peaches. You wanna tell me now? Save yourself some trouble?”

Before she could answer, he brought his mouth down on hers. Covering hers completely. He expected resistance, possibly even for her to try biting him. What he didn’t expect was for her lean into him, to part her lips so easily when his tongue lashed against them. His hands moved from her face to her breasts, fondling them as he deepened the kiss. Capturing her as much in that moment as he had when he took her from her apartment.

When he pulled back, looking down at her, he smiled. A soft blush had taken over her cheeks, her eyes were searching his face, but her mouth clamped shut. She was ashamed. She hadn’t meant to enjoy that.

“Time to rinse off.” He released her and grabbed the bucket, tipping it over her head. She danced and screamed as the water poured over her body. There had been some suds in the bucket, but she was mostly rinsed off. Good enough for the next portion of the morning events. “Be right back. Stay here.” He winked and headed to the small shed a few yards away from the house.

You might think Poor Kara, especially since she’s no where near done with being punished by Devin…but once you see why she’s being punished you might change your tune.  Now, off with  you to see the other awesomeness this blog hop has to offer!  


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