Another little snippet from the project I’m working on.  Devin has gotten Kara to his farmhouse and is tucking her in for the night. After her attempted escape earlier in the day, he doesn’t trust his captive to stay put. Easily rectified with a pair of handcuffs.


He leaned down, his face hovering over hers. Damn she smelled good, even with the fainted scent of motor oil and dirt from the truck bed, he could still smell her sweetness. “You need to learn real quick to do what your told, the first time. If I have to keep my repeating myself, I’ll punish you first. Got it, peaches?”

Her teeth snapped when shut her mouth, coming to the wise conclusion not to push him. Especially when he was so close to her. She slid her hands up between them and shoved her wrists into his chest. Without looking away fro her face, he grasped them and worked the first cuff over her wrist, then the second. Once both were on tightly, he stood back up, dragging her arms over her head and securing her wrists to the low set of D-rings built into the sturdy headboard.

“What is this place?” She asked when he had her completely secured and checked her wrists to be sure he left enough room for blood flow.

He dragged his gaze down her arms to her dark brown eyes. “My retirement.” He leaned toward her. Her lips were wet from her licking them. She was probably thirsty. He should get her something to drink. “It’s time for little girls to go to bed.”

“I’m not a little girl.” She nearly growled. Such fire from a woman who was tied up to his bed. He dragged the quilt down, letting her breasts free from the cover.

“No. You’re not,” he said, cupping one breast. She closed her eyes when he began to roll her nipple between his fingers. “Look at me, Peaches. Open your eyes. It’s one place that doesn’t lie.” When she turned her head away from him, he increased he force of his fingers.

When her eyes met his, he nearly lost himself in them. Full on desire and lust swam in her dilated pupils. Lowering himself down he took the free nipple into his mouth, moaning at the soft salty taste of her skin. Or was that her moan?

Twirling his tongue around the hardened peak, he used his hand to pinch the other nipple, earning a small gasp from his captive. He sucked harder, and harder still until her breasts pulled up away from her body and she arched her chest trying to lessen the pull.
Her breast fell free of his mouth with Pop and he grinned down at her. No trace of the brown irises that were there a moment ago, only dark black pupils signaling how much she enjoyed what he was doing.

He stood up, clearing his throat and tossing the quilt back over her. He had a job to do, and ravishing her at that moment wasn’t it. No matter how much his cock ached to sink into what had to be her tight, wet pussy. “Get some sleep.”

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