My current WIP is a new area for me. I love dark romances, so I figured I’d give it a try. My fantasies tend to run on the dark side anyway, so I should be comfortable with this. It’s a struggle, though. Not easy and I can only hope I do the genre justice.  Anyway, this is tidbit. Kara’s been kidnapped by Devin- for good reason really, but she doesn’t see it that way. In this little scene, she’s managed to escape the truck as he pulled over to the side of the highway. He had warned her about that though….


     A clearing came into view. She needed to make a decision, run for the clearing and hope there was house near by, or keep to the thick woods.

Either way was taking a chance.

She cut to the right, her foot grazing over a fallen tree just as a heavy hand wrapped around her arm, yanking her back. The log broke her fall, her face slammed against it. The pain nothing compared to the heavy burn of her lungs as his full weight came down over her body, crushing her into the leaves on the ground. “You ran.” His evil voice growled, the heat of his breath warmed her already sweaty face.

Kara kicked her legs up, but no good came of it. He adjusted his weight so that her legs were completely immobilized, as the rest of her. Arms pinned beneath her, face squished into the dirty ground. Everything hurt and burned and she wanted to breathe. So badly she wanted to breathe again.

Why wasn’t he saying something? She could only hear his panting over her. She licked her lips, tasting the hint of copper from the blood starting to trickle.

He began to move over her, twisting from one side to the other. She heard a jangling of metal, and the sound of leather being pulled through fabric. She’d heard that sound before. Had fantasized about it. Now that she heard it first hand, she began to struggle with everything inside of her. She didn’t know him, didn’t know what he was capable of, but whatever was coming her way she wanted no part in it.

His knee sank into her back, and she cried out. The pain took her breath away all over again. He shifted again, lifting off of her body, except for that damn knee pinning her to the ground.

Fingers dove into her hair, pulling her head back until she could see upwards. His face appeared before her. Dark, stern eyes and firm jaw. “You didn’t listen. This is what happens when you don’t listen.” She only had a moment to be confused by his words.
A sharp, hot pain slashed across her ass. Then again. Her throat burned anew, this time from her screams. Her hands clawed at the ground, trying to get free of his punishing hand and his heavy knee. No relief came. Nothing she did moved him. Again and again the fire spread across her ass. Tears welled up in her eyes, slipping free without thought of stopping them.

“Stop!” She screamed and bucked, but he didn’t seem interested in listening.

“I warned you, Kara. I told you I’d punish you if you didn’t listen.” How could he be so calm? So in control while beating her to death? Because he was a madman.

“Okay! Okay!” She wiggled harder, but still he was unmoved. “Okay!” Finally, the pain in her ass rocketed her out of herself. He wouldn’t stop until she was subdued, until she gave in to him. Her body responded before her mind, and went limp beneath him. The struggling stopped, the wiggling and fighting flew from her body. She’d lost.

The leaves laying on the ground in front of her moved with her heavy breathing. Dirt ground into her forehead, but she didn’t care. Her ass hurt, felt swollen and raw. The spanking had stopped, his belt slid back into his jeans, but his knee remained in place.

“We’re going to get up and go back to the truck.” His hand went back into her hair and pulled her to her knees, then to her feet. Tears rolled down her face, hot and sticky, but she made no move to wipe them off. In the end she didn’t need to. She was turned to face him and his free hand wiped the fat tears away with the back of his hand. “You’ve lost the privilege of sitting in the cabin.” His eyes weren’t dark anymore, they were soft, his jaw no longer clenched in anger. He almost looked handsome with his hair disheveled from their struggle, his chest still heaving a bit from the run.

“What do you want?” She whispered into the small space between them.

He frowned. “Your obedience, Kara.”


Tomorrow is release day for Book 3 in my Windy City Series (book 4 should be out soon…) So be sure to check back to check it out. Until then, this is a blog hop…so hop along and be sure to say hi. Authors love to hear from readers, no matter how short the comment!

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