This week’s WIP is from the fourth book in my Windy City Series. Erin has broken several rules in one day, and Bradley is going to take her to task.


He shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose, as though needing a moment to collect himself. She tried to hold steady, to not move, but damn if she didn’t want to throw open the door to the room and sprint home. Naked or not.

“You decided to get your own place? And you didn’t tell me? Didn’t even open that for a discussion?” The low calm of his voice unsettled her even more than the heated glare he shot at her.  “I’m not sure which transgression to address first!” he waved the paddle in the air, an exasperated gesture.  “No. I do.  Bend over the bench. We’ll address the lying.  Where you’ll be living we can discuss tomorrow. When we both have had time process this evening. Because I wasn’t bullshitting you, pet. This is going to be a severe punishment. Use your safeword if you need a break, but there will be no escaping what you have coming. I will stop if you use your safeword, but it only pauses the punishment. Do you understand?”

He’d still called her Pet, at least that was something.  “Yes, Sir.” She almost didn’t hear herself, her vocal cords nearly paralyzed.

He pointed to the bench with the paddle and she took one shaky step after another until she had reached the cushioned bench.  She wasn’t new to the apparatus; he’d fucked her over one only a few days ago when she met him for dinner after work.  Having a boyfriend who owned a dungeon came in handy for an evening nooner.

“Shouldn’t we lock the door?” She asked when she realized he moved to her side.

“No. There aren’t locks on the doors in the private rooms” He explained and pointed at the corner of the room. A small video camera pointed at her. “If security sees a submissive calling her safeword and the Dom isn’t paying attention to it, they can get in without having to break down the doors or having to fuck around with a key.”

Her blood ran cold. When they’d played the previous times, it had been either in the main room or his office when he wanted to fuck her. His office had a lock. “You mean someone is watching this?” Her hands rested on the bench, feeling the cool leather beneath her, but not finding any relief from the heat in her body.

“Does that bother you, pet? You’ve been spanked, flogged, hell I’ve even belted you in the main room. People saw you then. What’s so bothersome now? That someone is watching you be punished? That they know you’ve been a very naughty girl and need to have that sexy ass of yours paddled? Do you think they haven’t seen this before?”

Another wary glance up at the camera she took a steady breath. Her limbs trembled, her eyes filled with tears and her chest ballooned with pressure.  The paddle clunked to the floor and his hands were on her a moment later.

Cupping her chin he brought his nose clsoe to hers, until htye were near to touching.”Give me your eyes, Erin. Your eyes.” He commanded in a smooth controlled voice. She manged to open them, not realizing she’d clenched them shut. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks. He wiped them away with his hand. “It’s just you and me. Forget the camera’s they are here for your safety, nothing more.”

She tried to nod, but his hands were holding her face steady. “Take slow breaths, breath for me baby.”

After all the rules she’d broken, all the things she’d done wrong that day, and he was trying to soothe her worries? Where did this man come from? Once she had her breath back under her own control he released her and placed a soft kiss to her lips. The warm tingle his kiss left on her lingered after he pulled away.

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